Every other week, I bring in a Squaddie with amazing results to come speak to the current squaddies in a bid to motivate them.

Here are points from Penactor’s story.

We’d be doing this in exactly the Q & A format btw my squaddies and Linda.

Let’s dive in!

Squaddies: Tell us about your weight loss journey

Penactor: Most of the fat I added was as a result of my adoption of rice as an everyday meal. While I eat only twice in a day and on many occasions, once, I also eat very light quantities.

However, I could finish a carton (500ml) of hollandia yoghurt at a sitting. I also took a lot of steroid (oral & by injection) for many years due to a particular health issue. So, that must have added a little to the weight gain journey.

At a point, I noticed that I had added about 8kg in few weeks and it was beginning to tell on my respirations. Boobs & butts grew bigger and I looked really cute and also kinda begin to look my age (I felt people didn’t respect me enough ‘cos I looked smaller than virtually everyone on my worksite) but I knew I wasn’t also healthy on the inside.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when the Lord mentioned that I needed to imbibe food discipline (1 Corithians 6:19) & used my MD/CEO to drive home the point. That was it!

I’m an adventurous person by nature. So, I was really excited about my weight loss journey. However, by the time I went through the first week’s timetable and saw “Cabbage Soup”. Mhen, my heart began to beat fast. Cabbage gini? Not me & you!

I chose to eat raw cabbage instead. One aspect I considered stressful was taking picture of my meals. Haba, what’s all this nah? ??

Hardest part of the journey was checking my weight because my scale started messing up. So, I had to be weighing myself in various places and comparing figures. Then, my wardrobe was full but empty ‘cos “water, water everywhere but none to drink. “??Simply put, all my clothes became agbada.

Easiest and best part was avoiding yeye (junk) food and waking up early in the morning to work out.

“Early morning breeze is Holy Ghost Air” – (Penactor, 2020) ?

There are times when you’ll feel like you’re not seeing results. That’s even the best time to continue because weight loss doesn’t add up early for some people.

It depends on how your body works. Your dress size might reduce but your weight might not move or even increase for a while. Keep at it. Just be sure you invest your efforts & willpower.

I’m open to questions now. Throw your questions at me but please be careful, don’t let them hit my eyes or my chest. ????

Squaddie: Wow this is amazing . You looking hot hot ?

How long did it take the loose 10kg?

Penactor: Actually, I lost 13kg. From 72kg to 59kg. Then, I lost 2kg more about 2 weeks after I completed my programme. This took 12 weeks despite the fact that I had to reduce my exercises for health reasons. I opted for less complex ones.

Squaddie: Were there times when you ate what you were not meant to ?

Penactor: One day, on the birthday of my friend & colleague. I ate cake but I drank plenty coffee (just 2 cups though) on it, _drank plenty water and considered it my lunch??

Squaddie: Did you give yourself cheat days?

Penactor : No, except few Sundays when Eziaha allowed us eat rice. On many of such days, I still ate brown rice. I used to feel like God would catch me and make me start all over??? Cheating has never worked for me. One time in secondary school, I talked during exam and came close to failure. ??

Squaddie: You had one cheat day out of 12 weeks ? Chei ??‍♀️ Now what’s what I call discipline . Well done P! Such inspiration!

Penactor: thank you ?

Squaddie: Hmmm so what sabotages one from reaching the goal ? Is it cheat days really..?

Penactor: Cheat days without self control is what sabotages one from reaching the goal. So, they say you can eat any meal this Sunday afternoon. Then, you decide to eat 3 big wraps of Fufu, 4 pieces of assorted meat, 2 beefs, a can of malt, a bottle of 50cl coke to chill, 1k suya to push it down & a box of pizza for “communion”. Mama! Calm down! You will just blow! ????

Squaddie: ? OMG P, you are hilarious! How did you adapt to the portion control of your meals johrrr?

Penactor: I’m not a heavy eater. I had to work more on my craving for sweetened “cosmetic” yoghurts & fizzy drinks.

Squaddie: what were those specific things that kept you motivated even when on days you felt like quitting?

Penactor: Write down your goal(s) and reason (s) and be committed and show discipline. CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

When you don’t feel up to it, pray about it and read out your confessions. They help. I’m also a big advocate of early morning walk/work out. It works and sets your mood for the day. ??

Squaddie: Thank you for sharing. My question is how’s fitness after coach E? Being on your own

Penactor: Maintenance is serious work o. It takes discipline & commitment (including financial). First, I decided to lose more weight so I can accomodate weight gain from muscle build up due to exercise & healthy protein consumption.

I kept making my confessions too. My parents have served as great reminders about my goal to remain healthy and fit. Plus, I keep remembering that the Lord has required it of me.

Honestly, I think it just became the new normal for me.

I’m not perfect though. Recently, I ate 4 slices of bread, drank hot milo & still had the gut to down a bottle of Lipton ice tea and remained in bed all day. Haaaaa! ?️?️

Squaddie: How long have you been in the maintenance stage?

Penactor: Since late October last year. That’s about 7 months.

Squaddie: wow, you look great!

You look like a totally different person Wow .

Penactor: Thanks sis. I miss my growing bum bum & double decker layer of boobs on few occasions though. I also lost some really beautiful dresses that cost me arms & leg.

The compliments I get make me forget these easily sha. Meanwhile, some of my peeps have refused to come out of the shock of seeing me lose so much weight. ??

Squaddie: You look really good …
I must say you did amazingly well.????. How did you deal with cravings?

Penactor: Thanks for the compliment. First, I go armed. Whenever I attend occasions, I like to go with some of my portioned healthy snacks /drinks. So, drink yours, make I drink mine.

I also look for closest alternative. I want sweets, I bring out frozen grapes from the freezer & start chewing. I want fizzy drinks, I bring out water melon or pineapple juice that I made & stored in the fridge. I crave small chops, I eat shrimps??

If the ojukokoro is too much, I just speak in tongues under my breathe??or take a nap, if there’s opportunity to do so. I also hype myself saying “when you’re not a baby, no self control again? Babes, you’re too big for all these nah! How are you going to now raise your kids?“, etc?

Squaddie: Father bless me with this type of seriousness honestly, amen! To my question, where there times you just felt like you weren’t doing enough?

Penactor: One or 2 times. Those were the times I made up my mind to do more. It took time but it happened. Hang in there sisters! ?

Squaddie: Thank you dear. God bless you for the inspiration… one day I will also come and give squadspiration… ?

Penactor: Thank you all for having me. Keep going. I’m rooting for you. You can handle anything. ??

The end!!!

Real DROP MIC moment, well done Linda!!!

Super Proud of You!

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