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Use Telegram to send messages and more Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging application where users can communicate using Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can contact others via messaging, share content and media, and manage groups of up to 200,000 people. Messenger also supports Voice over IP calls, video calls and more. Chats are end-to-end encrypted so I can use Telegram safely? Telegram is a free messaging app that allows users to communicate with individuals or groups, share photos, videos, and audio media, send messages to large numbers of people, make free voice and video calls, and much more. In addition to the basic functions found in other messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike and others, Telegram also shares content through channels that can create their own channels to share content. Users can follow the channels they want, and content creators can easily reach an unlimited number of followers via broadcast messages. When a new message is uploaded, subscribers will be notified with a message. In this respect, Telegram also competes with programs such as YouTube (for video content) and Instagram (for video and photo content). Telegram can be used on mobile phones and computers and can be synchronized between devices. You can use media, chat, channels and much more on as many devices as you want. Telegram is compatible with MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux. It can also be used online if you don’t want to download it. What are the main reasons for using Telegram? The Translate Entire Chat feature has become one of the most popular additions to this messaging app. With real-time translation, you can now translate entire chats, conversations, groups and channels into any language you want. However, all users can translate messages individually by selecting them and tapping on the word Translate, but only premium users have access to the entire chats feature.
The Profile Photo Maker feature allows users to quickly create a profile photo for their account from any sticker or animated emoticon. Even users without the premium version can use animated and custom emoticons on their photos. In addition to various emoticons, this tool also offers an Emoji Categories feature that lets you sort your emojis and stickers into categories.
In addition to many other features, this messaging platform introduces network usage features to its users. With this app, users can see a detailed pie chart of how much data is used for each type of Wi-Fi or cellular and how much bandwidth has been used. Users can also adjust auto-recharge settings according to their data plan size.
What is Telegram’s biggest disadvantage? One of the biggest disadvantages of this application is that it is not clear how to add new contacts. When you click “Add new contact information,” a window will appear asking for the person’s name and number. While mobile devices have the option to import contacts from your phone to computer, you will need to manually enter contact information so that the contacts can ; This can be a bit tricky because WhatsApp automatically adds contact information.
Although Telegram is considered safe, thanks to its high level of privacy, its reach is still not as wide as WhatsApp or Facebook; While you may want to share content with a large community, getting enough Telegram users can be a challengeto collect.
How to create an account on Telegram? A valid phone number is required to create a Telegram account. Users can access accounts with the same account on multiple devices, ensuring a seamless user experience. This account can be created and deleted at any time. After an account has been inactive for six months, it will be automatically removed from Telegram. You can also edit an account’s Last Seen message. The account is verified via SMS, and the account takes two minutes;
How is the Telegram user interface and experience? When you sign in, a window opens with contact information on one side and a chat in the middle. The menu opens and you can see the functions of the application. You can create new groups or new channels, view contact information, go to settings and enter the app’s night mode. The Windows program has a nice interface and looks good;
Start sharing stories on your TG page Apart from Facebook and Instagram, Telegram has started to implement the story sending feature. These are photos or videos or a combination of both that users can post on their own accounts. A characteristic of stories is that they disappear after a certain time, usually after 24 hours. However, Telegram allows users to choose between six, 12, 24 or 48 hours.
Additionally, TG allows users to create custom lists for story audiences, as Instagram has the option to choose between public and close friends’ story posts. This means you have more flexibility in choosing who sees each of your posts. Finally, reposting content as stories from other channels is also possible, so you can share content and messages from friends and other groups.
What is the final verdict? Telegram is a great alternative to popular messengers like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and is a very secure instant messaging app. While other apps have end-to-end encryption, Telegram has no in-app ads. There is no risk of sharing information with third parties. Features like secret chats and channels make Telegram a unique way to communicate;
With the mass broadcast feature, you can easily share content with around 200,000 people at once (if you can get that many!). However, its reach is not as wide as WhatsApp, and it creates a large community for content distribution itself;


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