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Which of these places would you love to build your house?

1) Passive Ville
Here the residents are living care-free. They eat and drink anyhow and some still look good on the outside. They take pictures in all the best angles and people are always hailing them.

2) Reactive Estate
Some Residents here are overweight while others are fighting sickness and disease. They have hired a health Coach and their goal is to lose weight, overcome their illnesss and show those Passive Villers what a bounce back looks like.

3) Proactive Island
The people here are taking a stance before any health crisis hits. Only natural and healthy foods are eaten, they are super active and fitness conscious.

So which destination would you chose to live?

We lounge in the PROACTIVE always please lol.

In my recent video HERE I go deeper into the PASSIVE, REACTIVE and PROACTIVE approach to healthy living. It’s time we start to respect our bodies because it keeps an accurate record of whatever choices we are making daily.

Keep your results for life when you make THIS the goal.

Our goal should never merely be weight loss or beating a sickness, it should always be OPTIMISATION.

How can you live your life better?

How can you live the most beautiful God glorying life ever?

When you make LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE the goal you never quite arrive and it’s a good thing. There’s always more to aspire to so you keep going.

Whereas if you finally lose the weight or beat that disease you have ‘arrived’ and most people stop putting in the work to live healthy.

In my video HERE, I share 3 lifestyle changes you can begin today to take you to the next level and optimize your life.

I’ll highlight one of them in this blog post. Let’s goooo

1) Regular Body Servicing

Just as you’d take your car for servicing your BODY also needs servicing. Even though your body is hard working it wasn’t meant to work hard ALL THE TIME.
Going on a fast or detox is a great way to service the body. During detox you eat raw foods only and drink lots of water. When you eat this way your body cleans itself from the inside, it takes a break from digestion and has the time to regenerate new cells. So beautiful.

The second upgrade is A Good Solid Workout! And yes, working out benefits goes beyond weight loss. Get all the juicy details which I talked about as well as the final tip to optimize your health HERE. I’ll see you over there.

Cheers to having a relaxing lounge in Proactive Island, healthy and active.

Your Health Coach,

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