If there’s one thing about me it’s that I love to LEARN. I’m constantly looking for ways to stay proactive and keep living my BEST LIFE. Sometime last year I watched a podcast by my leadership hero Craig Groeshel. He interviewed an author and part of what was discussed was how this author (also a Pastor) got delivered from anxiety, burnout and depression. I cringed inwardly cus I didn’t want that to be a part of my life story. This led me on a whole knowledge quest to find out

How can I side step challenges and stay on the straight and narrow path?”
“Is it possible to live a life with little to zero margin for error?”
“How can I learn from the experiences of my distant and close mentors? So I don’t suffer what they did.”

I found a lot of answers but one that really intrigued me and which I’ve applied and seen PHENOMENAL results in my life is The Principle of Relearning. “Relearning is simply to learn something previously known again, but this time in a systematic way”

Create and reinforce GOOD HABITS in your life with this ONE tool, so you can sidestep challenges.

The reason for some of the challenges, pitfalls or “drama” that we face is because of bad habits or the lack of good ones. In my recent video HERE, I delve deeper into RELEARNING and how you can use it to start good habits or break bad habits and keep living your Best Life. So, whether your goal is to start a new good habit or stop a bad one, healthy leadership or healthy living, The Principle of Relearning will truly arm you with the tools you need to stay on the path with little to zero margin for error.

And I don’t just share my experience I bring in research and psychology to buttress my point. We drove a bit into the world of neuroscience and the neural pathways found in our brain and how this affects our habits and ultimately lifestyle. You’d want to watch the video HERE for more details on that.

As earlier mentioned, Relearning must be done systematically and, in the video I talked about the THREE PATH PROCESS to relearning. For you my blog fam I’ll share one of it.

1) Capture your WHY
It’s not enough to desire to do something you need to sit down and answer the question WHY? Why is this new habit important to me? Why must I break that bad habit? What are the positives or negatives? You must have a solid why for doing something and it needs to be rich, robust and solid. This way when the temptation to quit comes you can remind yourself why you started in the first place and what you stand to gain or lose. To learn more about crafting a solid WHY check out this video here.

Don’t miss out on the second and third process to relearning, get them HERE as well as my personal story of how the Principle of Relearning has helped me avoid pitfalls in my parenting, leadership and in keeping a healthy soul.

Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls’ and cheers to your BEST LIFE everyday.

Health Mindset Coach.

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