As a parent you’ll be very familiar with the back and forth you have with your kiddos when it comes to asking and answering their questions lol. As a mom I have to answer them BUT as a Health Coach there are some questions, I’d rather not answer. In this blogpost I’ll be tackling some questions you should NOT ask a Health Coach, especially when you’re not in a coaching relationship with them. Keep reading and be sure you’re in the clear. Meanwhile, I also share a couple of things you can do instead. Enjoy! 

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Welcome to todays blog post.

As a Health Coach there are some questions I’m asked on a regular by people and sometimes even on the road. Crazy! Funny too that I’m expected to stop and answer. I’ve moved from being upset to actually amused in many instances.

Don’t ask your Health Coach THESE QUESTIONS.

In my recent YouTube video above I delve more into those questions to NOT ask a health coach. For you my blog fam I’ll share the first question here.

1) CoachE’ how can I reduce my big stomach?

This is literally number 1 as I get asked this particular question A LOT. In the video I share a funny story involving a mother and her daughter whom I met in Lagos Island market while shopping for my kiddos. Watch it here. Really people would run into me in weird places and start asking questions like.

“So you have kids? How is your stomach so flat? How can I have a flat tummy? I don’t know why my stomach is big seeing as I don’t eat plenty. I’m sure it’s because of the Cesarean Section I had..” 

Let me just camp here a bit and smash this CS table. CS does not give anybody big stomach. It’s simply not true. My second child was delivered through CS so I speak from experience. Big stomach is usually caused by your diet i.e. foods you eat. Once you fix this, you’re good. Now I don’t just want you concerned about the outward appearance of your stomach and how it looks in a dress, you should be more worried about what’s going on inside your body, in your visceral section. 

The fat covering this region is known as visceral fat and it’s very dangerous because fat here covers your key organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys etc. Bringing with it several health risks and challenges. So please instead of randomly asking a health coach how you can reduce your stomach you can,

 – Fix your diet

 – Pay for a Coach and submit to the process 

 – Change your habits and mindset

 – If you register in a gym have a strategy to win, one that focuses on reducing overall body fat not just the stomach. Yep, doing crunches and sit-ups alone will not help. 

Watch the video HERE and get the remaining questions I wish people will stop asking me as a Coach. 

See you there! 

Cheers to your Best LIFE 


Your Health Mindset Coach. 


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