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Tux Paint is a free drawing program for children aged 3 to 12 years. This multimedia application is used in schools around the world as an activity of drawing computer literacy. It has a user-friendly interface with a variety of drawing tools to make kids creative. To keep this activity fun, there are also fun sound effects and cartoon-taking mascots that motivate and guide children as they use it;

Simple Done Drawing Tux Paint distinguishes itself from conventional graphic design software, such as GIMP or Photoshop, with its child-friendly design. The user interface is very intuitive and uses icons, audible comments and textured suggestions to explain the use of each tool it offers. As mentioned, it also uses sound effects and cartoon mascots to get involved; (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); There are five sections in the application window. The canvas uses most of the interface, but the other parts are neatly displayed on the sides. The toolbox section contains various drawing tools and application controls. Meanwhile, the selector offers a variety of selectable objects, such as brushes, fonts and other aids. There is also a color palette with a good range of colors and an information area with hints, tips and; Like most popular graphics applications, this editor features basic drawing tools, including brushes, erasers, and drawing tools. lines and shapes. It also offers various stages of cancellation and repetition, allowing users to delete unwanted and unwanted changes while editing one; The app also has some special filters and effects. There is also a large collection of artwork and pictures that users can add to their photos. In addition to drawing tools, it also gives control to parents and teachers to enable parents and teachers to disable features and change application behavior to better suit their children; Some disadvantages to consider Tux Paint are free programs released. source. Allows you to download and install it on as many computers as you want. This application is used on most systems and does not require much hardware resources. This makes this app a suitable tool for schools. However, there are some examples you may need to consider before putting it to you; First of all, the application is quite slow and unstable. Sometimes it closes on its own, which can be annoying when your child is in the middle of a drawing project. Aside from the fact that this app does not have full screen functionality, the canvas area will be slightly limited. Some features also appear only in the brush area after you select an option from the tool. Users need to do a little research to find it; Fun activity tools for kids Given something, Tux Paint is the right choice if you are drawing an app for students. This app is very child-oriented with a simple and colorful interface. It will attract the smallest users. In addition, it provides almost all the basic tools that children use when drawing computers. There are some stability issues and functional problems, but in a wayoverall it is a perfect drawing tool for Paint, a very popular drawing and drawing program that allows children to take their first steps in computer-based art. Tux Paints interface is very child friendly. It is colorful and simple and will appeal to the youngest children. To facilitate this customization for the child, it allows them to select the saved picture from the thumbnail and has the feature to save and recall automatically, so there is no problem even if they accidentally close the program. To make Tux Paint more child-friendly, configuration settings are displayed in separate areas that are inaccessible to the image. You’ll be able to change certain settings to suit everyone, including the Tux Paint text interface, the language used, and the sound effects. From a child’s point of view, Tux Paint is definitely great. It has many features: stamps, colors, magic design and Tux Paint effects, and various features only appear in the brush environment after selecting an option from Tools, but with a little exploration, your child will realize that he acquired 100 new stamps. Added, and Windows 95/98 / ME support is back. More than 100 new stamp changes have been added, and Windows 95/98 / ME support is back

Tux Paint

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