“I don’t have time to workout, my schedule is so slammed!” 

“The figures on the scale keeps going up! And yet I don’t eat so much”

“If only I had the money to invest in this professional course!” 

If any of these echoes your thoughts, keep reading to get some answers. You’re welcome! 

While I used to mentor young ladies and Stay-at-home moms, I’d typically have them go through an exercise known as time tracking for an entire week. What this means is that every of their 24 hours is accounted for. I love how this brings such an AWARENESS into how you spend your time. That’s actually the missing factor in the problems I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Most problems are not actually problems, many times we have these problems because we lack awareness. When you bring awareness into the situation you start to see clearly and then take steps towards change.

No money? No time? Watch this video right now and get on track your fitness goals.

I talked about a simple three step process in my recent video above, which will help bring awareness into your life but especially in your journey and desire to live a healthier lifestyle. And if you’re a Christ follower it’s even more important that you are self-aware. It’s my desire that Christians all over the world would become more aware of their food choices and lifestyle so they can build a body that’s Fit for Purpose. 

Are you ready for that Three Step Process to bring awareness into your life? It’s pretty simple but so effective when implemented. 

1) Slow Down Long Enough to 

2) Ask Questions and 

3) Document your answers 

 Let’s use this three-step process to tackle Problem One in the introduction. 

”I don’t have time to workout, my schedule is so slammed!”

So your employer or business is entitled to a certain amount of your time per day, when you add commune time and all that’s about 10 hours each day. The remaining 14 hours is yours to do with as you please. Here’s how it works, Slow down and audit your time – What do you do when you get back from work? (Not scrolling through your phone or watching tv endlessly I hope) – What time do you go to bed? This is key because it will impact your wake-up time.  

When you plan strategically for those 14 hours, you’ll realize you actually have enough time to get the important things you need done. Like working out, prepping a healthy meal in the morning and getting enough sleep. Remember the more you confront your problems head on, shining light on them and employing this three-step process to awareness you’ll come up with solutions that will better your life. 

To see how I tackle the other two problems mentioned at the beginning of this post check out the video here. Trust me you’ll love how this three-step process works to tackle the popular problem of “But I don’t eat so much, why am I adding weight?”

Cheers to turning on the light and bringing awareness to your beautiful BEST LIFE.


 Health Coach.

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