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Talking Points from Linda’s weightloss success

Every other week, I bring in a Squaddie with amazing results to come speak to the current squaddies in a bid to motivate them.

Here are points from Linda’s story.

We’d be doing this in exactly the Q & A format btw my squaddies and Linda. Let’s dive in!

Squaddies: Tell us about your weight loss journey

Linda: Where do I even start this amazing journey, so before I had my baby I was on the slim side, when I got pregnant I told myself I will just bounce back, I mean I’ve never really been fat right? Omo, after 4 months no show, only for a friend to look at me and ask if i was pregnant again🤥haba I’m carrying a 4 months old for crying out loud.

Got home with this question dancing around my head since, didn’t say pimp to hubby on our way back, my head was just browsing. I went straight to CoachE’s email and sent a message, thankfully she got back to me immediately, I didn’t think twice just paid the money sharp sharp. My body was doing me lets start now now.

Squaddie: Did the excitement continue even as you started the plan?

Linda: Not at first oo, when we eventually started and I saw the nutrition plan, I was like “Ah so someone can eat this and be alright?”

1st week wasn’t easy but after that, when by Saturday ( Day 6) I was still alive Hallelujah! I said to myself “Linda we will do this” That made me realize that our body takes what we give it, it doesn’t tell us what it wants and it desperately depends on us to make the right choices.

And when I started seeing results, I became more motivated, disciplined, and determined.

I remember that initially, I couldn’t even go past 150 skips and was stuck there, I remember coach said “Linda you can reach 1000, just try” plus Jillian Michaels asking “are you dieing now?”

And in a matter of time my people, I went from 1000 to 3000 skips, no it’s not easy, but after the 1st week I realized that fat is really movable but it depends on me.

Squaddies : Wow Linda!!! This is super great. Thanks for sharing! Well done. What was it like the first week you started skipping?

Linda: Hmm! I don’t know if it’s just me but I felt like my ankle couldn’t take it plus I was running out of breath but I found out that as inches dropped, it became easier

Squaddie: Have you been able to keep up with skipping/ workout after leaving the squad?

Linda: yes, 2500 skips yesterday, 60 squats with weight and 10 burpees

Squaddies : Did You have any bra troubles?

Linda: Initially yes, but I went hunting for sports bra until I was satisfied with what I got

Squaddie: How did you go about this?

Linda: there was this sports shop I went to, the attendant was a guy but I had to come clean, told the guy I skipped a lot but don’t know which bra to go for and after browsing through a lot I found one that was really comfy

Squaddie: So what do you currently weigh? What was you starting weight?

Linda: I started with 96kg and after 12 weeks I was 83kg but I never stopped until another pregnancy hit me and the knowledge I gained from here really helped with my second pregnancy, I was so cautious with what I ate and to my Gynecologist’s surprise, no gestational diabetes compared to the first pregnancy and they kept sending me for a diabetes test, just to be sure.

Squaddies: Were you able to work-out during pregnancy?

Linda: No, I couldn’t work-out due to pelvic instability, but I still maintained a healthy pregnancy, refusing to eat anyhow no matter the cravings and I was back to the grind as soon as I got cleared after I had my second baby in September.

Squaddies: That’s amazing Linda! Well done. How long did you breastfeed? Did your diet affect milk supply ?

Linda: No, diet didn’t affect me at all, this man was breastfed for 15 months

Squaddies: How did you deal with tummy fat and what are the meals that keep you going plus how often do you exercise?

Linda: CoachE used to say that if do your cardios and follow the nutrition plan, tummy fat will go. I find its the easiest fat to move. When I was with CoachE, I followed the plan very well didn’t add any jara.

Squaddie: Tummy fat? Really? Easiest you said? I think its stomach fat that is the HARDEST ooo

Linda: Yes, it is. It’s the first to pile up, and with the right diet and exercise its easy to move. People think it’s the hardest because it’s the fat your eyes sees mostly that results in embarrassment but as you do the right thing, inches will drop quickly, you will notice you look better when you look at your before and after pictures.

Squaddie: Okay, Can you please share your diet and exercise routine with me please?

Linda: I have come to love skipping and squats with weights, I am not really a sit up, crunches, push up kind of girl.

And for diet, till tomorrow breakfast is usually 2 boiled eggs and apple with tea or coffee or egg and veggies stir fry.

Lunch is either oat swallow with okro or vegetable soup am not a fan of egusi, sometimes rice or bulgur wheat with lots of vegetables.

And dinner usually fish and vegetables or steak and salad, if lunch was light, I add mashed potatoes to dinner.

To really loose this weight honestly, follow your nutrition plan plus measurement. It works.

Squaddie: Wow, great! I took sea food okro and pap tonight and someone was telling me that pap is fattening, please how true is that?

Linda: I personally don’t think a particular food is fattening, poor portion control is fattening. Also, when I am not very sure about a particular food I usually check calories per 100g of the food and that is a guide for portions.

Squaddie: Like two months after my last baby, I did family planning so after that, I realized my tummy was blowing up and I was adding weight and I can’t stop eating in the middle of the night. What can I do?

Linda: First, middle of the night feeding ain’t good at all, Stop it.

When I feel very hungry at night especially when I stay up late, flavoured tea is my go to, it fills you up plus no calories, and sometimes I force myself to sleep

And family planning weight is usually fluid retention which exercise can deal with very easily. So just keep up with your routine diligently, you will see changes.

Squaddie: What was your biggest challenge?

Linda: It was very hard to wake up in the wee hours of the day to work out, really hard. But I got used to it eventually.

Squaddies: Thank you so much Linda, last words for us?

Linda: What I will say is ; ladies please let’s just stay the course, it works. Nothing like let me just eat this puff puff or meatpie for now, it takes diet, exercise and your mind to crush FAT. And don’t forget to ask God for help. I pray for discipline and strength everyday and my Father freely gives in abundance.

Also stay motivated even if it’s for you to imagine yourself fitting into that 2 years ago dress or to confidently go to the beach. I know it sounds vain, but it’s worth it.

Thank you for having me ladies.

Squaddie: Thanks a lot Linda. I will surely stick to the course . This FAT must disappear. I am sharing my testimony soooonn

The end!!!

Real DROP MIC moment, well done Linda!!!

Super Proud of You!

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