Windows 10 LITE v2009 Build 19042.685 – Torrent Windows 10 LITE v2009 Build 19042.685 -


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Windows 10 LITE review

This operating system is allowed not to detect and block unprotected images with other mixed content. Launch modified malicious applications and files in Prompt (including security warnings before running the downloaded program).

What to know before installing this modified operating system

SUPERLIT ONLY FOR GAME OR STREAMING (tweaking, etc.) For advanced users

KOMPACT OFFICE AND HERE ETC (no repairs, remove applications) for standard users

Wifi or internet / LAN / network sharing / guest access on SMB2 is disabled by default on Windows 10 2004. (There are no tweaks to this and stop asking me about this.)

Windows10 stock drive will not be removed and will stop asking why the drive is missing or not found, etc.

Windows 10 LITE v2009 Build 19042.685 -

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