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WinSnap is a small screen capture utility for recording and editing. WinSnap enables screen transformations with simple and automatic effects, coloring and adding shadows. WinSnap supports many image formats and the autosave enhancement feature.

WinSnap features

Flexible recording screen

Photoshop-style softening of the shadow effect

Powerful photo processing and rotating main frame

It supports image format, various options and choice of auto-save enhancements

Simple web and email publishing

Multilingual user interface (Unicode based)

Simply take a screenshot of a window with rounded corners

WinSnap stores information about the shape of the window and adds true fluffiness.

Supports transparent alpha channel and PNG/TIFF files.

The application capture mode allows you to capture only the entire view of the foreground application window with a simple mouse click.

The unique way to capture multiple objects allows you to select multiple windows on the screen and easily combine them into a single screenshot.

Exposure to primary colors and screen transformation.

Optional autosave and optional autocopy.

The external tools menu can be customized to open image editing and optimization.

Keyboard and mouse control is normal (replaces the touch screen).

Do all this work in 100 kb – less than paint!

WinSnap 6.0

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