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In 1984, after saving the world in Wonder Woman (2017), the immortal warrior of the Amazon, Princess Diana of Themiscire, tried to stay on the radar while working as an archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum. In memory of the brave pilot, Captain Steve Trevor, Diana Prince falls into a sinister global conspiracy when a transparent lemon and a golden-yellow gem fall into the eyes of a kind businessman. Maxwell Lord energy. Now that a dear old friend from the past is miraculously entering the scene, and Barbara Minerva, Diana’s insecure fellow hemologist, succumbs to desire, suddenly cheating, greed, and false promises catapults Maxwell into the spotlight. Catastrophic events increasingly push the world to its limits, and the emotionally vulnerable Diana faces a cruel dilemma. Can a powerful wonderful woman save humanity again? Nick riganas

Diana has to fight a colleague and a businessman whose desire for exceptional wealth sends the world on a path of destruction after the disappearance of an ancient artifact that satisfies the desire.


Patti Jenkins … (director)

Writing a loan

Patti Jenkins … (story)

Jeff Jones … (story)

Patti Jenkins … (screenplay)

Jeff Jones … (screenplay)

Dave Callaham … (screenplay)

William Moulton Marston … (based on created characters DC Wonder Woman)

Videos (in order of merit) are confirmed as completed

Gal Gadot Gal Gadot … Diana Prince

Chris Pine Chris Pine … Steve Trevor

Kristen Wiig Kristen Wiig … Barbara Minerva

Pedro Pascal Pedro Pascal … Maxwell Lord

Robin Wright Robin Wright … Antiope

Connie Nielsen Connie Nielsen … Hippolytus

Lilly Aspell Lilly Aspell … Young Diana

Amr woke up Amr woke up … Emir said Bin Abydos

Christopher Polaha Christopher Polaha … Handsome

Natasha Rottwell Natasha Rottwell … Carol (co-author)

Wonder Woman 1984 2020

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