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When the pilot falls and talks about the conflict in the outside world, the practicing Amazon warrior Diana leaves home to fight and finds her full strength and true destiny.
Author Patty Jenkins:
Allan Heinberg (actor), Zack Snyder (story and) Diana, Amazon’s princess, have been trained to be an invincible hero. Cultivated on a hidden paradise island, when a pilot falls off their shores and depicts a major conflict that has taken place in the outside world, Diana leaves her home and believes she can end the threat. Diana fights with someone in a fight to end all wars and finds her full power and true destiny.

Diana has to compete with an employee and a businessman whose desire for extreme prosperity leads to the path of world destruction after an old unit where help is lost.
Author Patty Jenkins:
Patty Jenkins (story and), Geoff Johns (story and) After saving the world in 1984 in Wonder Woman (2017), an immortal Amazon hero, Princess Diana of Themyscira, tries to stay under the radar while working as an archaeologist at the Smithsonian Museum . In memory of the brave director, Captain Steve Trevor, who is considering his intelligence, Diana Prince embarks on a cruel plot of the world when the transparent, golden-yellow marble stone impresses the passionate entrepreneur Maxwell Lord. Now that a dear old friend from the past miraculously comes into the picture, and Barbara Minerva, her insecure gemologist colleague, makes a sudden, sudden, deceptive, greed and false promise that lights up Maxwell. More and more bad events are driving the world to the brink, and the emotionally vulnerable Diana needs to address the problem of violence. Yes! Can the mighty Wonder Woman save humanity again?

Wonder Woman 2017

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