When it comes to weight loss you typically will think of – needing the right exercise equipment, joining a gym, the right intermediate fasting plan that will work for you, and your diet plan, which is mostly Salads, Fruits, and Green Smoothies. All these are arsenals that you’ll truly need, BUT for you to succeed at weight loss you’ll need MORE.

They are other tools you will need on your weight loss journey, to achieve the FOREVER RESULTS that you truly DESERVE. Remember when it comes to CoachE’ Nation, the goal is to have Lasting Results

Shalom Shalom Jesus Girls and welcome to today’s blogpost.

I truly pray that you are keeping well.

We at CoachE’ Nation are extremely passionate and completely sold out to not just giving you results but handing you Forever Results on the most Joyful weight loss journey, because you deserve it.

Weight loss is hard enough, and nobody deserves to lose weight and gain it all back again.
With us, every weight lost is lost FOREVER which is why we proudly call our weight loss program “JOYFUL WEIGHT LOSS, FOREVER RESULTS!” (check HERE for details) With us, you don’t only get Nutrition, Exercise, and Accountability, but you also get Coaching and it involves Psychology, your Mindset, Habits, and of course, all layered on the foundation of FAITH.

In this blog, we will be talking about some Non-weight loss things that can help you succeed on your weight loss journey. I go deeper in my recent YouTube video where I shared THREE non-weight loss-related things you’ll need on your weight loss journey. The link to watch is below

THESE non weightloss factors can 10x your weight loss results

For the purpose of this blog, I’ll highlight two of those non-weight loss things you need for a successful weight loss journey.

  1. Time Management:

This is so key! In the sense that, you can’t just lose weight on a jaga-jaga aka scattered system. Weight loss requires something from you. Not just weight loss, but also healthy living, in general, requires an extremely intentional lifestyle. So, if you are going to lose weight. You must look at the system and structures in your life. Check out your time management. You must have a firm grasp of your time. For example, you decided that in the coming weekend, you’re going to meal prep, but no, you choose to lay in bed and rest for longer hours than necessary, or you attend parties and spend time with your friends.

Of course, there’s no problem with those, you just need to plan better and do the right things at the right time. This way, you will have enough room in your life to accommodate the demands of weight loss and healthy living. Remember, you cannot maintain a healthy lifestyle if you are not intentional about it.

2. A Solid Support System

Having a solid support system is so easily overlooked. Whether it’s your husband, kids, or colleagues at work, you need to have a conversation with them about your journey. Don’t just assume they will support you, you have to ask for the support of the people close to you. So have that talk with your husband, get your children informed and involved, and likewise your colleagues at work. Doing this will give you an extra layer of accountability and that’s such a winner!

Let’s continue this conversation on my YT channel HERE. Follow the link to get all the non-weight loss factors that can impact your success at weight loss.

Cheers to your BEST LIFE in sound health.

Your Wellness Apostle and Coach

Eziaha (CoachE’)

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