Every other week, I bring in a Squaddie with amazing results to come speak to the current squaddies in a bid to motivate them.

Here are 12 points that resonated from Jessica Sampson.

1. My mother had come visiting and reminded me that I needed to do something about my weight. Kai

2. I would always fill up my plate in large quantities. After all I cannot come and die. The struggle was real but I couldn’t stop.

3. Stuff got critical after my second child and I added even more weight. Then it was no longer funny.

4. I was always at the gym daily and seriously yet no success.

5. In 2019, I decided to try out CoachE and the story changed for me. No jokes. And to think at first I thought, what’s new to learn from her haha

6. I told myself to give this full time and not quit. Let me see if it works. So I decided that if not 100% then I’ll give 90%.

7. Then the changes started. First small, next noticeable so I followed through even though a few bad days happened

8. I learned accountability, being a great team/squad player, and discipline. It was a thing in the squad. We all had to stay disciplined

9. I soon learned that what I couldn’t achieve in YEARS and with plenty expenses, I did with CoachE’

10. The calls, personal messages when you slack, confessions and all taught me that it all went beyond weightloss. We were schooled with biblical backing that we have a God assignment on earth to fulfil WITH GOOD HEALTH.

11. It is not about being skinny, but healthy in spirit, mind and body. Also it wasn’t about starvation. It was about eating right and well.

12. If you forget anything, don’t forget to be DELIBERATE, DISCIPLINED, CONSISTENT and PATIENT. Your results will wow you!!!

The end!!!

Real DROP MIC moment, well done Jessica.
So proud so proud mama.

You can reach us to join the next available squad or private coaching via 09055868614 or Hey, let’s bring HEALTHY back.

with love, coachE’.

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