Healthy Living/Weight loss and your period

Hey beautiful people. Happy new week. Did you know that embracing a healthy lifestyle can be a game-changer for your menstrual cycle and make you stop dreading that monthly visitor? This blogpost is all about healthy living and your period. Let’s read. The appearance of my period is always a happy time for me cos […]

Why I changed my workout routine…

Hello Citizens, Welcome to the blog. Today, we’re throwing back to this blogpost on exercising and why I changed my workout routine. Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness/wholeness journey or you’ve been on the FitFam train for long, there’s something for you here. Stick around. Happy New week and New month guys… Recently, […]

New Year, Same Ol’ You?

Hey FitFam, Happy New Year. Welcome to 2022. So this blogpost was originally published in January of 2021 but it’s still so relevant today that I decided to bring it back. Let’s jump right into it. It gets darker and darker for the world, but for us Jesus Girls, our light gets to shine brighter […]