I am flippin’ excited to bring this to you! It’s been a while coming and Glory to GOD it’s here finally. (yes, you can picture me doing backflips and cartwheels hehe)

What am I on about? An upcoming WELLNESS REVIVAL which I’m calling Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures. A 2 Day Wellness Revival, equipping parents to raise Wellness Champions for LIFE.

Mark your calendars, we go live on Friday 17th November and Saturday 18th November 2023

CoachE’ will you be hosting the Wellness Revival solo?

Nope! I have with me 9 people whom I’m calling WELLNESS REVIVALISTS across different walks of life. We have three Professionals, four Moms and three Influencers.

It’s going to be one for the books I tell you. Get more details about The Wellness Revival on this website HERE

And if you prefer to watch, on my YouTube channel there’s a video where I share details on Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures. The link to watch is below..

All you Need to Know About the WELLNESS REVIVAL

Register for Day 1, Day 2 or both from the links below.

Day 1 – Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures

Day 2 – Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures

See you on the 17th and 18th of November 2023.

Cheers to raising Wellness Champions right from your home and kitchen.


Health Coach.

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