You think your Kids need these, but they’re USELESS! Stop them!

NB. This post was first published on this blog in 2023 USELESS! And I very carefully selected the word I wanted to use to describe what I mean, and that word is USELESS! As a mom or dad, you want to provide the very best for your kids when it comes to their diet and […]

LUNCH BOX PURITY BLOG SERIES 2: Sheila Tagbo takes us all to SCHOOL!

Despite childhood obesity being a global challenge, wins have been almost non-existent when it comes to pushing it back. However, Brighton, a city in England has experienced a downward trend in childhood obesity rates compared to national figures. This beautiful study gives us some insight as to how their multi-faceted approach including things like checking […]

LUNCH BOX PURITY Blog series with Eziaha and Dumebi, Head of School, Hadassah Hall.

Overweight and obesity are a growing threat to children’s well-being globally, largely driven by a trap of unhealthy and highly processed foods combined with a lack of physical activity and sedentary behaviour. Almost 40 million under-fives around the world are overweight, equivalent to nearly 6 per cent of this age group. Among children aged 5 […]

#ChildNutrition: Medicine Cabinet OR Healthy Plate  

NB. This post was first published on this blog in April 2021 I know you love your babies, and you want to leave a legacy of good health, generational wealth, and a life dripping with WHOLENESS. I desperately want that for you too, and so drawing from one of our CORE VALUES at #JesusGirlsFitness, LEGACY, this […]

Farm to Table; 5 simple Farm2Table meals to introduce NOW to your kids

FED TO FAIL That’s the title of the UNICEF article my friend Adenike sent me and in her words ‘This is not just the Gospel according to CoachE’. UNICEF agrees too’ N.B This post was first published on this blog in October 2021 Fed to fail? Not you, Chileeeeeeee In this blog I will be […]


I am flippin’ excited to bring this to you! It’s been a while coming and Glory to GOD it’s here finally. (yes, you can picture me doing backflips and cartwheels hehe) What am I on about? An upcoming WELLNESS REVIVAL which I’m calling Nourishing Bodies, Flourishing Futures. A 2 Day Wellness Revival, equipping parents to […]