After reading a book ‘memoir’ written by the former first lady of America, Michelle Obama, who I love so much

I came to the conclusion that everyone indeed has the tendency to forget things, irregardless of your position, status.

Why do you need data?
Data provides us with every form of evidences that we need in flesh to make better decisions going forward. Data allows you to keep track of your life, how you are fairing, improved or not and what not.

You stop guessing, estimations and gestimations

‘i think so’
‘I guess so, I am not too sure’
When you keep data.

One major thing you need to bring awareness to is:


My God! I won’t stop repeating this.
Whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier, look healthier, you need to track you eating habits.

    Someone came to me asking that she doesn’t eat too much, yet she adds weight.
    I took my time to ask her some questions and in no time, she realized that even though she does eat much, she had some foods she ate at wrong times and junks she needed to do away with.

    You need to keep RAW DATA for your meals. You can record your meals, eating plan electronically(phone book), or manually input them in a book.
    This way, you are conscious and aware of what you should or should not eat.

    You can also want to track your data of your kiddos food when you pack healthy lunches for them.

    Here are few things that should be in their lunch boxes;

    1. Water or milk.
    From now on, don’t be tempted to buy your kids or yourself those funny fizzy drinks. They don’t add anything to their body system.

    2. Fruits and vegetables
    Be mindful of the kind of fruit. Obviously I don’t expect you to buy mango that can dirty their/your clothes. Fruits like strawberry, apples, basically dry fruits would do.

    3. Healthy carbohydrates and protein grains.
    You can achieve this by adding vegetables to your rice, vegetable stew with your yam and so on

    *Healthy fat and oil
    Take fat and oil in moderate proportion
    You don’t need to much of it.

    This way you know what and what not to add to their lunchboxes and even yours also.

    Remember, not just your kids needs to eat healthy, you also need to eat healthy. Knowing what to eat per time allows you to easily track / keep data of your meals.

    Finally, for your healthy and weightloss journey, you need to include one thing;


    You read that right.

    Our bodies are not made to eat all the time.
    Sometimes we feel feeding our bodies every time is a sign of good living, but it’s not.

      The body functions this way, eat at a particular time and allow it to regulate itself for another period of time, this way, the body knows it’s supposed to repair itself

      There is no age to fasting.
      Except for babies who are expected to eat regularly for growth, there is no age limit to fasting. The body gets used to whatever healthy or non healthy routine you give to it , hence the need to start fasting early.

        Yes mama!

        Think nourishment when you want to break your fast.
        How do you break with Eba?

          Let’s do this, when you want to break your fast, take smoothies, don’t give your body too much work immediately.

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