I am just typing this post with some kind of mild anger lol.

So, has anyone ever SAVED their calories cos they wanted to REALLY indulge in something without feeling bad?

That was my story today, day 6 of week 3. Friday.

So, I really wanted to indulge in my catfish peppersoup, especially the BIG HEAD I was planning to devour for dinner so I literally STARVED all day.

Starvation is not the best really but this is not a habit. Plus, I ate, I just ate less and ignored every call to hunger lol

I had 2 boiled eggs, 1 cucumber, 1 bottle of zobo and almost 1 bottle of tiger nut milk.

Then 2 fun sized Toblerone. The tiny pieces that is. I was waiting for dinner patiently.

Sent my help to buy the catfish and prep it. I wanted to sleep first then wake at say 9 to eat. My people, that’s how this my madam overcooked the catfish so it was now soft, soggy and for some reason not sweet. Plus, the head was even small.

Usually, she preps all my healthy meals VERY well, but today she was probably angry with me for God knows what. Lol

So, the suffer was not worth it cos I didn’t enjoy the meal last last.
Ended up eating the ENTIRE catfish and was still neither full nor happy.

Meanwhile my hubby enjoyed his own dinner

I had made him peppered snails and ponmo (Oh I took about 2 small pieces of snail and 1 piece of ponmo too as ‘tasting’ as I cooked lol) then fresh Tiger nut juice and this man just swallowed the whole thing, and cos I didn’t wanna mess with that amount of oil, I couldn’t even vex and eat with him. I made his with palm oil.

Hey, nothing wrong with palm oil ooo and every once in a while, I would add a small portion of it to my meals but yawl know I told you I respect the scale and with my next weigh-in being Sunday morning, I am careful what I eat cos I am trying to get the scales to tip in my favor

But as always, while I respect the scale, I don’t abdicate my powers to it.

No matter what the scales say, WE MOVE!!!

Thank God for the non-scale victories like the inches lost and obvious differences in fit of cloths which I have been sharing with yawl

Anyways, that was my day on Friday

I worked out and had a good day food wise. Just that the highlight of my day was not it anymore

Yesterday Thursday was a good one too. Been trying to finish off that my Fruit and Fibre that has gone beyond the BB date. Had it thrice now and so far, I am still alive. I think haha
I am not saying do like me ooo, I am just sharing what I know

My water game has been tight too. Like truly, water is weight loss’s best friend. I may not be able to tell all the amazing processes it is helping inside my body but I have seen the effect on controlling my appetite.

Infact most nights, I just do green tea, Flavoured tea and lost of water and I am good. I haven’t had a night where hunger wanted to finish me. I have just been fine with fluids.

Night over eating is such a hindrance to weight loss and I recall how in the past, I would eat like groundnut in the past at night. Groundnut is one thing I am happily laying down on this weight loss journey. It sure has addictive powers. Like you can’t just eat a handful and leave the remaining. The bottle keeps calling you. At least it keeps calling me and I keep going back.

Open a tap that you no longer have control over? No sir.

On my first weight loss journey, I laid down Noodles.

Now noodles is my servant. Unlike before it was my Master. Hoping we can flip the script on groundnut too with this one.
I recall when I told hubby I was starting my weight loss journey and one of the first things he said was FINALLY MY GROUNDNUT CAN REST lol. Imagine. I truly used to finish his groundnut. This time, I don’t even notice it.

Ok so I will be back on Sunday with my week 3 results and pictures. I am SO EXCITED to see what the scales and inches will say. I am literally watching fat melt off my body and even though I have some beautiful really obvious victories, I know it is not yet TIME TO CHEER so my eyes are still firmly on the prize

I really look forward to leaving the 80s permanently this week abeg.
It seems strange being over 80kg

Ok guys,
Oh, I missed my Wednesday food diary…
Here is a screen shot

Boring kinda day full of work and smashing my goals.
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I am typing this post between 1 and 1.30am powered by a cup of green tea, a cup of Flavoured tea and a bottle of water.
Literally between meetings. Just finished a prayer party with my sisters all over the world and by 1.30am, I go into another meeting with my team on our program for stay at home moms in December…

After which I workout as I like to start my weekend with a solid workout…

See you Sunday evening

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