Break the Rules, Baby. Jesus Approves

You can embrace a healthy lifestyle while still giving yourself grace in moments where you need to eat something outside your nutrition plan. Rules are great but when the occasion really calls for you to break it, please do. This blogpost was first published in 2020. I had been tracking my hubby with phone calls […]

Post pregnancy belly? Here are my LOVING tips to getting rid of it

My tummy is really embarrassing me ooo. It is still so big even though I gave birth about 3 months ago. When can I sign up to your class abeg? My baby dedication is just around the corner. I get messages like this quite frequently. As a mom of two boys, helping other moms excites […]

#CEOriginals: You’re now too Skinny. Four Squaddies speak

“Eziaha eat ooo. You are a married woman. You are trying to be a model abi? You better eat…” Now that was one of my aunties speaking to me at my brother’s wedding recently, protesting about my lepa self. But I have to tell this other funny ‘Model’ story at this point. I was younger […]

Don’t join the KETO DIET if…

During our Monday Staff meeting this week, my Team Banah (Hebrew for Builders) talked briefly about Cholesterol and somehow, talk drifted into the Keto diet. I am going to keep this post as non-technical as possible because I am NO solid authority on Keto, especially when it comes to the practical aspect. I have never […]