During our Monday Staff meeting this week, my Team Banah (Hebrew for Builders) talked briefly about Cholesterol and somehow, talk drifted into the Keto diet.

I am going to keep this post as non-technical as possible because I am NO solid authority on Keto, especially when it comes to the practical aspect. I have never tried it, and have no plans to, but I have studied it here and there in my Nutrition courses.

So, in layman’s terms., the ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high fat diet. So instead of getting your energy from Carbs, which really is the easiest for your body to convert into energy, your body has to get it from FATS through a process known as KETOGENESIS, that is the breakdown of fat in the liver.

This process of burning fat for energy CAN lead to weight loss which is a MAJOR REASON most people go into the KETO DIET…

But this is where MOST people also miss it.

Let’s quickly bring in the D word, DISCIPLINE.

Most people jump into the KETO diet because they think it is a short cut to weight loss, especially as most other weight loss programs, like the one we run will make sure to control your fats and oil intake (hey ‘oil-free’ haha), without cutting down any food source. So, there is the OIL APPEAL which keto has BUT how many of us, especially here in Nigeria, can truly survive on a diet that is radically low in Carbs, which is the nature of most of our staple foods here?

You see, the KETO DIET is one that requires a HIGHER LEVEL OF DISCIPLINE, something that most people who go into it for the wrong reasons do not have. So, at the beginning, they TRY their best, but soon, cheating comes in and they realize that they cannot go on. Then they quit. A good number of my Clients have come to me from a Keto diet and one thing they always say is IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. Now, not that the keto diet in itself is bad, nope. It is actually highly recommended for some health conditions where BLOOD SUGAR must be controlled like Diabetes, Cholesterol and Blood Pressure management (in some cases) and even disease conditions like Epilepsy. Infact, some people have carbohydrate intolerance and so a keto diet is recommended, BUT most people who go in just want to ‘eat their cake and have it’, so they wanna eat every kind of oil and oily food, CHEAT with carbs and the many fruits that a keto diet cuts off, AND LOSE WEIGHT miraculously.

No, HONEY. It doesn’t work like so.

So, my sister, think twice and then again before going into the KETOGENIC DIET/LIFESTYLE. If your discipline levels are LOW and you just need a QUICK FIX, EAT-YOUR-CAKE-AND-HAVE-IT weight loss solution, then just maybe, you should not venture into it, to avoid frustration.

I still maintain that the BEST way to lose weight is a diet that allows for all classes of food in the right proportion, quality, and frequency, then a truck load of discipline, consistency and patience. And of course, exercising.

Which is what we offer at CoachE’Squad Ltd.

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Till next time, don’t forget, if you take care of your FOOD & FITNESS, your weight and health will take care of itself.

Love always


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