Can I lose weight while pregnant?


I will explain.

First, hello and welcome to my blog. My name is CoachE’ and I am a Health and Fitness Coach. I help women get fit and strong enough for their God-given assignments. Preggos inclusive.

Today, I wanna address this question above.#

Can I quickly tell you guys about my second pregnancy where without even trying to, I LOST weight in first trimester? I didn’t have morning sickness or any issue, but the moment I realized I was pregnant, I cleaned up my already pretty clean eating even further and kept my workouts up. I didn’t want to lose weight. I didn’t need to lose weight, but I lost about 1kg.

That was me btw in both pregnancies.

Some women lose weight in first trimester especially cos of morning sickness. Some as much as 5kg.

And even with that, their growing babies are not affected.

So, should you lose weight in pregnancy? People ask me.

I usually say NO. This is because YOU have made that THE GOAL which should not be.

Some of my weight loss clients find out they are pregnant, and they are yet to get to their ideal weight, so they wanna know if they can continue to lose weight even with the belle lol. I usually discourage them

However, one thing I do know is that


This applies even in pregnancy. So, let’s say you are used to eating junk and rubbish and for some reason, the time you chose to clean up your diet coincides with the time you realize you are pregnant, you most likely will lose some weight. Now you see, you didn’t set out to lose weight, you just decided to do things right and weight loss was the result. However, even then, you still gain weight as the pregnancy progresses, just that this time your weight gain is CONTROLLED and within the recommended range.

If your goal is WEIGHTLOSS IN PREGNANCY, you would starve, you would deliberately cut out on foods that YOUR GROWING BABY desperately needs. You just might compromise yourself and baby, and we don’t want that. So please, change the goal to having a FIT and HEALTHY pregnancy instead, one where you would maintain a healthy meal plan, active lifestyle, and always listen to your body.

Like I tell my Preggos, when you have had the baby, we will have the time to now start losing all the weight gained. And dealing with post-pregnancy weight is our bread and tea.  Just have that baby and be fine first.

Of course, we also help provide Preggos with prenatal meal plans that help them control their weight gain in pregnancy at every trimester. Also, prenatal work outs. Our Preggo squad rocks!!!

N10,000 for 4weeks. N25,000 for 3 months and then N70,000 for the entire 9months

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And remember that pregnancy is not a disease or sickness so please stay disciplined with your diet and if you are at all able to, workout.

God bless you,



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