Hey Fit-Squad

Today I decided I would cumulate and answer a few of the questions we get as comments on the blog and elsewhere

Speak directly to your specific fitness needs, shall we?

Question 1: I just got a juicer. What are your thoughts when it comes to juicing over blending?



Well, I MAY be a tad biased but I find juicers a waste of time, space and money. Lol.

Now, this is especially for one on a weight loss journey. Juicing is one fad people embrace to loose weight, where MOST if not all their meals are juiced, and while I can confirm that it WORKS, I can also confirm that this is NOT SUSTAINABLE mama

So, I would rather you replace some of your meals with a smoothie instead, where we enjoy not just the JUICE but the FIBRE and then it keeps you fuller for longer.

So that’s the major difference; you juice, and you lose fiber and bulk. Not great for energy and satiety, even though calories are less.

You blend and you get to keep it all, and enjoy a WHOLE meal, and the calories you gain are the good kind. Your body needs it honestly.

So, if you read my post on fitfam investments, I talk about juicing celery.

How I INVEST smartly into my Fitfam lifestyle

I use my regular blender for that. I blend then strain with a fine mesh

Gets the same result as a juicer for a fraction of the cost, less the time (juicers are hard to assemble and dismantle), and less the space and energy.

Sorry, if I just crushed your juicer bubble.

But really all that fancy aside, if you are looking for a fruit meal replacement, go for smoothies over juices

Juices are great as a snack in between meals and for your kids, but smoothies are the way to go, every other time.


Question 2: I need help,my veggies are always going bad,do I preserve,wash and freeze or blend and freeze, which works best?



So, again, I would refer to my post in investments. Because this for me is not time based BUT a lifestyle, I invested in a big freezer, a big generator and a super 1500wattage blender.

How I INVEST smartly into my Fitfam lifestyle

So while my fruits first remain in the fridge, light fluctuations make me then transfer to my freezer which keeps everything frozen for at least 2 days without any power. Thankfully I have never had to stay that long without power, thanks to the generator.

So what I do with fruits and veggies is to enjoy them fresh in the fridge for as long as possible, then when the fridge is no longer working to keep it fresh, that is it is starting to look like it will spoil, I skin it and throw into the freezer. At that point, the only usefulness is for a smoothie, and my 1500wattage blender can crush ice and frozen foods and fruits.

So for example, I can buy a lot of banana, even unripe, it starts to ripe and I put in the fridge and we enjoy fresh banana. It starts to show signs of spoiling and I skin it all and throw in the freezer. I sacrifice eating bananas for now only smoothies. I need it for a smoothie and I bring it out stone cold and my blender crushes it in seconds.


Everything easy… because everything is intentional

I put my money where my fit fam is.

I don’t do bags, shoes, human hair and more. I do fitfam.


But when I didn’t have these investments, I would buy a little at a time. Thankfully, we had a small market right at my estate gate so I could always top up.

I have also realized that where you have a desire, God has a way of making these things come to pass. It is almost like a mallam with a wheelbarrow full of fruits starts passing in front of your home or office daily and you can easily get his number and call him, or ask a neighbor who passes a particular market to help you pick up a few things occasionally, or ask someone to shop and deliver, or something.

Just don’t write it off as impossible

If it is in your heart and is a good God-thing, God will bring it to your hands. 

Commit it to Him and watch Him reorganize the elements to favor you

He created it all anyways and SHOW OFF is something He likes to do for His #JesusGirls


PS: I used banana as an example but you can hardly catch me eating banana. Hate it, mostly. But the men in my house like it everywhere… in smoothie, oats, fresh, in pancakes, etx. Me, once I taste it in anything, I am done lol. MOST of the time though. My thing is usually watermelon and pineapple. I do the exact same thing I shared above with bananas with these two fruits on a personal level.


Question 3: I understand that the BC implant Nexplanon causes weight gain and from the little pooking around I’ve done on the internet, getting the weight off with the implant in seems almost impossible. How do you reckon one can get around this?



Phew. This is a MAJOR one, and something ALL OF US believed, including me. Or at least most of us. It is very similar to CS and big tummy; put implants and gain weight, so many moms and wifeys using these hormone based implants as an excuse for their weight gain.

I did this post here on hormonal weight gain

GUILTY HORMONES… When the weight gain is NOT.YOUR.FAULT

Yes, sometimes, AND VERY RARELY I must add, it is as a result of hormones. Most times it is our diet, lifestyle and indiscipline

Yes!!! I said it.

It gets personal now…

Ok, so I can boldly say this because I have implants and have had since I think September last year.

I had my major fears before I did it but at some point, fear of pregnancy and too much caution with sex prevailed and I found myself in the hospital going for implants. There are other contraceptive options but I hated the rest. I was also careful to make sure I was at my ideal weight before going to insert it, and that I was also maintaining a disciplined lifestyle too, so I decided that if any nonsense weight gain started, I would go and have it taken out.

The Nurses gave me all the possible side effects including weight gain, messed up cycle, headaches and more, but said it could also be ZERO effect.

Ladies, I can tell you FOR FREE that if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, work out and generally stay healthy, you can fight any unnecessary, unusual and excessive weight gain.

Yes, because it is hormonal, it may cause a minor rise BUT it won’t be the reason you added 10kg in 4weeks, or you haven’t lost the extra 15kg you have been carrying for 3 years.

Because I was on a fast literally June to December last year, I lost so much weight last year even with the implants. I recall people would be so shocked when I mentioned I had implants.

But just in case you say it is because of the fast, I still have it on and anytime I gain weight, it is MY FAULT not the implants.

It is easier to work on losing it when I admit my fault than blame implants and live in denial, like I mentioned in this post here

My TOP 5 reasons people SELF-SABOTAGE their weight loss journey

So before you blame the implants, let’s do what is right. If despite your best efforts consistently, the weight gain is strange, rapid and won’t let up, you are one of the few affected in that way so go take it out.

Had a friend who had endless headaches and then hallucinations, she took it out

Me, I didn’t go scot free ooo. It messed up my cycle, and I must have bled for 6 straight months, half heavy, and half-light. Only started getting some respite recently.

ANNOYING MUCH but hey, it is what it is.

I still have it, and will leave it in forever, replacing as need be.

#WombClosed #TwoAndDone


Question 3: This detox water, how long does one need to soak the ginger, cucumber and lemon in water before it’s ready to drink.



First, I would say to please read this post first

3 ways #JesusGirls navigate Liquid calories (Recipes included)

Well, when it comes to infused water, I really don’t follow any hard and fast rules

I squeeze my lemon into water and add just enough to taste in the water without making it bitter.

I throw in cucumber slices and I notice they get stale in under 6 hours so I throw them out.

I cut up and put ginger sometimes and I notice they last all day.

Mint leaves too last all day.

Some of my squaddies prepare their detox water overnight and then drink first thing in the morning. That would be cucumber, lemon and ginger.

I actually have taught and told some of them to do this.

It works too. I just never infuse overnight because I don’t mind making it in the morning

And recall you can infuse your water with any fruit really. Feel free to be as creative and then if the fruit is not stale and you don’t wanna just throw it away, you can add it to a smoothie and blend when it has finished infusing.

Infused waters are a great way to bring some flavor and variety to your hydration game, especially if you don’t really like plain water.

Either ways, let’s work on drinking as much as 4L of water daily, whether infused or plain, especially for those on a weight loss journey, so you are not dehydrated and then mistaken that for hunger. It also keeps your belly and mouth busy for no extra calories, and finally boosts metabolism


I will be back with Part 2.

If you have anything you want me to answer or bring perspective to, I am happy to educate.

I believe that an educated squaddie is more likely to remain on the grind even when the coaching is over with me, which is why with our squads, I educate a whole lot.

we have squads and private programs just for you

See you on another post.

And don’t forget to commit this journey to God’s hand. Expertise and advice aside, it is really His grace and help that works for those who win on this lifestyle including me

My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth!

Psalm 121: 2 NLT


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    1. Well I took it and there were no issues. Read that too. Plus abacha cos of the potash. So I stopped Abacha lol but I didnt believe the zobo one. Said all that to say your own beliefs matter too esp when stuff is not 100p confirmed. Plus its just 9months. Any sacrifices are worth it. So are congrats in order?

      1. Oh, wow!

        Thanks so much for the clarification, Coach??
        I’ve been avoiding zobo like a plague to avoid stories, lol.

        I agree with you; beliefs matter. Now I know better, I’ll put my faith and confessions in action.

        God bless you always, ma?

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