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Mondays are one of my fave days of the week. Yes, it comes work heavy, but I also see it as another opportunity to rock out my life in all of its ramifications to the glo… As a wife, mom, #JesusGirlsFitness Coach, mentor, leader, friend and all.

New week, what is there not to be EXCITED about? Which is why I never miss a Monday workout

Ok, so today. I want to quickly talk about LIQUID CALORIES; why they matter, why you should practice mindful/intentional drinking, and of course, share tips on healthy alternatives.

One of the major things I hear people say is


‘…and I don’t eat ooo. I don’t know why I am gaining weight…’

Then I proceed to audit their meals in the past 3 days and then I hear things like

I just drink milo every night…’


I like to drink red wine


I drink Chivita, that one they say is healthy


And so on.

My problem is not even that they drink these things, because these can be enjoyed in the right proportion and frequency without it harming your weight loss journey, but it is that they have discounted it calling it JUST and have grossly underestimated just how much calories are in a drink. And manufacturers are out to make money so will deceive you with fluff in front, but wise chicks read nutritional labels at the back, but that is topic for another day

Sis, if it goes in your mouth, IT COUNTS even for liquids.

Milo, milk, alcohol, wine, processed fruit juices, fizzy drinks, ‘lemonade’, Zero coke, and the likes, ALL COUNT.

If you bite it, you count it.


If you DRINK it, you count it too.

Food and drinks are ranked same when it comes to healthy lifestyle

Even the Bible ranks it same and challenges us to do it to the glory of God

So if you eat, or if you drink, or if you do anything, do it for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31 ERV

For instance, one 33cl can of Malt is about 200 calories 1 cup of cooked Jollof rice is less than 300 calories.

You see!!!

When you eat rice, you assume you have eaten, but the malt you had with it, you think it doesn’t count.

It does, sis

Liquid calories have been the bane of a lot of our weight loss journeys and I hope this post both educates you and gives you context. Then your convictions deepen enough to be wise about what you drink.

Cos as #JesusGirls, we need deep convictions. I write about convictions here and how #JesusGirls can use the power to win at weight loss

So let me give you THREE options for drinks that are healthy, nutritious and filling while being low in calories.

Staying hydrated is no option when it comes to weight loss especially because a lot of times, dehydration is misinterpreted as hunger, so keep hydrated and your tummy busy to reduce those hunger cues.

I challenge my squaddies to go for 3L a day at least.

So here are my top 3 options…

1. Flavoured water

Yes, I am starting with water because that is the most important drink and indeed the only drink created by our good God. This should speak something to you.

Sometimes, we may say water is too bland, so what to do is infuse any fruits or leaves into it to change the taste. E.g. lemon is great as it also detoxes the body and helps suppress appetite. Pineapple. Apple, strawberry and the likes are also great. You can use any fruit. Just chop up a few chunks and throw into a big bottle of water. Mint leaves are great which can be found in most mallams by the road side. Those are natural, cheap and easily accessible ways to flavor your water AT HOME.

Best part, they bring little or nothing to the calories table so you are SAFE

2. Flavoured teas

I will place green tea too under this category. Teas are a great way to rehydrate yourself while helping keep your belly busy.

My teas stash

Green tea helps increase your body metabolism which is very key for someone trying to lose weight. A cup a day before working out is very efficient at burning a little more calories. Flavoured teas are zero calorie teas that have been flavoured to taste better than green tea and bring some oomph to your hydration party.

I swear by the TWININGS brand and I have a tosh load of them. I never buy Chivita and all those funny drinks, instead I INVEST in Flavoured teas. There are many brands and many flavors, so don’t restrict yourself. I have fun collecting various brands.

Most can be enjoyed hot, cold or lukewarm. In fact, some Twinings combo when taken cold, as in cold out of the refrigerator, can taste like your fave packaged drink, trust me. If your taste buds have been spoilt by extremely sugary drinks, it may take a while to acquire a healthier taste bud but you eventually will

3. Zobo-rodo

Haha that is good ol’ zobo. Love this drink because I can literally finish a 1.5L bottle all day and it does nothing to my weight or goals.

However, you have to make your zobo at home and sweeten naturally and not with that crappy sugary powder they sell you, or sugar. Lol, I recall in the past I would put that powder AND also put sugar. Now I am wiser. So this is how I make my zobo.

I put the leaves, ginger chunks and that zobo seed (cloves) in a pot and add enough water and bring to boil. Then I strain with a mesh cloth. To the resulting solution, I add my blended pineapple and dates (which I have previously pitted, boiled and blended) and then strain again.

Voila, my zobo-rodo is ready and as sweet as I want it yet healthy.

The quantity of pineapple and dates really depends on you but be sure not to add it when the leaves are in cos most of the sweetness then goes into the leaves. When I need a more spicy drink, I blend the ginger instead and add like I did the sweeteners and then strain too. This is perfect in your home so your family doesn’t keep drinking crap. Remember, you cannot just stop crappy drinks without an alternative. Zobo is my alternative at home

You can take tons of this drink without it hurting your weight loss journey, but hey, how about DISCIPLINE?

Ok, that’s all. I hope this helps us drink better to be healthier

Remember, if you DRINK IT, COUNT IT

To your healthiest self,

Eziaha (CoachE’)


#JesusGirlsFitness Coach


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  1. I’m inspired! I have a bunch of tea which I have here but hardly drink any, I’ll have to get back to them.

  2. Can I ask an odd question? I understand that the BC implant Nexplanon causes weight gain and from the little pooking around I’ve done on the internet, getting the weight off with the implant in seems almost impossible. How do you reckon one can get around this?

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