“CoachE’ should I eat cakes and small chops on my healthy living journey?”

“Can I adopt intermittent fasting?”

“When can I go to the gym?” 

My answer?  IT DEPENDS

Shalom Jesus Girls 

A lot of things in life are neither yes or no, good or bad, (except for SIN of course) it all truly depends on your season or timing. In my recent YouTube video, HERE I delve into what is known in psychology as the REFRAMING PRINCIPLE, I get you to put situations in proper context while employing a sophisticated thinking process towards reframing principles.

As a healthy Coach, I got really frustrated with people coming to me with weight loss as the goal or wanting to fight a particular disease on doctors’ orders. Most of the time this people got results but unfortunately their results did not last, it was lost a few months or years down the line. 

This led me to seek a better way to coach my clients and I started to learn more about psychology, neuroscience, mindsets and habits and how this tied into healthy living. It became a big goal for us at CoachE’ Nation to move people away from a traditional/disease approach to healthy living to a more proactive approach where you are taking steps to OPTIMIZE your life and health even before there’s a challenge.

Our coaching is mindsets and habits, layered on nutrition and fitness to give you FOREVER RESULTS. And in this video, we are bringing in mindsets and psychology to help you WIN on your healthy living journey.

CoachE’ should I eat small chops and cake on my healthy living journey? Get answers in this video.

If you would bring RARITY and SELF-RESTRICTIVE practices to how you navigate things that are primarily considered unhealthy you won’t feel so deprived and will actually enjoy your healthy living journey. What you are doing is making experiences rare as opposed to always indulging thereby it’s starts losing the ability to give joy because you’ve made it common. 

If you can afford to pay for a buffet, or shawarma, small chops and the likes is it wisdom to consume it regularly? Imagine instead that once or twice a month you can chose to pay for that buffet and indulge guilt free. The rarity of that event makes it all the more special meaning you look forward to it and will definitely enjoy that experience. This is how we can bring a good balance to life.

So, take a look at your life, what are some things you’d like to enjoy from time to time? Create a structure around it, make your consumption of it rare because anything too common diminishes in value. Now that’s an example of how you can use the reframing principle around things that are generally unhealthy.

For how you can apply this same principle to those things that are considered LARGELY HEALTHY you can watch the video here.

 I’m rooting for you!


Health Mindset Coach.

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