CoachE’, please do you have a Squad for only tummy fat loss? My body weight is OK but my tummy keeps bulging out

I hear a variation of this question daily and I must admit, I am also kinda on this table. Not occupying a place of pride but maybe, perching on the edge of it…

I am one of those flat tummy people when I wear cloth but nekkidddd, my tummy can definitely do with a magic wand that takes it back to pre-pregnancy iron board flat (Anybody found the Angel with the wand yet AND HOARDING such info??)

And many of us with kids can relate to the ‘Mummy tummy’, which is both soft, wiggly and full of stretch or tiger marks.

Let’s organize a thanksgiving party for our children for the badge of honor .

Need picture proof of my belly? Viewer’s discretion advised haha

Ok that is OBVI not my tummy but you get the point
And nope, my tummy is not like so, AMEN


Or is it?


Seriously speaking though? Normal weight abdominal obesity issa thing!!!

And how do I know if I am guilty?

Well, grab a measuring tape, the same kind used by tailors, and measure your waist circumference, that is around your belly button.

Anything above 40inches in men and 35inches in women equals abdominal obesity and no matter how fit every other area of your body is, you are at risk (more on this later).

Some call this ‘skinny fat’ or if you are here for big grammar like me, Metabolically Obese Normal weight (MONW), and many of us in our ideal weight zone can relate.

Our bodies are slim but belle won’t let us be great so we ditch the bodycon dresses for peplum dresses and tops (Gosh I HATE those styles and most likely won’t be caught spending my money on peplum)

So that is what you get when there is very little muscle around the belly and too much abdominal fat. And I am not merely talking about flabby mummy tummy, or an occasional case of bloating caused by dairy and the likes, no, I am talking of big rounded hard tummy full of fat.

Babe, I know we are concerned about the fact that it cramps our fashion sense but what we should really be bothered about is how it is cramping our heart-health especially for those of us who are doing just fine in other areas of our body.

Please indulge me a bit as I show off the fact that I made a First class and I pretty much am still an efiko…

The stomach stores two types of fats;

subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat is stored beneath the skin and we need it, while visceral fat is stored around your vital internal organs like your heart and liver. Too much visceral fat is what now manifests as that big tummy and having too much fat stored around your vital organs like the heart is literally a ticking time bomb for heart attack, stroke and cancer.

Also you stand a higher risk of becoming fully obese later in life or developing metabolic syndrome .

Are you scared? Don’t exhale yet. One more research proven fact

A 2014 study published in ‘Progress in Cardiovascular Disease’ confirmed that patients who have coronary artery disease, but are of normal weight with belly fat, have the highest mortality risk when compared to other patterns of fat distribution.

To break this down in English, it is WORSE off for those of us with only belly fat than those who are/have all round body fat. At least the fat is evenly distributed unlike for us where the fat is concentrated around our heart and vital organs.

So hey, maybe we should thank this fat that has chosen to show externally instead of letting us die off slowly. Now we know better, then we must do better!!!

Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.
James 4:17 NLT

So what is a skinny girl with belly fat to do?
Some school of thought actually says that you treat this the same way you treat obesity but I don’t agree fully. My own solution would be to check food QUALITY over QUANTITY, that is check the TYPE of food you eat, over the AMOUNT of food you eat.

If you are skinny and at your ideal weight, chances are high that you most likely are wise with portion control, meaning you are not the babe that eats too much. Your plate is hardly full at meal times. However, the quality of your food may be so poor we need to raise funds to save it…

You eat mostly junk and drink all your calories in fizzy and sugary drinks.

So while you are not the one to pack rice and dodo on your plate, you are the one who is eating small chops, cake, drinks and ice cream.

You easily skip lunch but eat biscuit (esp. Pure ‘SUGAR’) in traffic, and then plantain chips, gala and coke.

All J-U-N-K!!!

Some of you are wondering how I am exposing all your sins right here. Haaaaa!!!

and you may be sure that your sin will find you out.
Numbers 32:23 NLT

Or maybe you even eat a LOT but thanks to your body metabolism which is like the fire that Shedrach and his friends were thrown into, you get to burn it all fast and so you don’t look like what you eat (Yes, we are beefing them), but hey, your bulging belly will surely always expose your sins (in which case you MUST also check FOOD QUANTITY).

Let me tell you a not-so-secret about JUNK.

Besides being high in calories, last last it all breaks down to sugar (including alcohol and other sugary, fizzy drinks, diet sodas and zero calorie anything) and sugar just has an affinity towards the abdominal region, meaning it all gets drawn toward and settles around your belly and it shows in the bulge.

The same is the case for deep fried foods.
In addition to increasing belly fat, they also slow down metabolism, and suppress fat burning leading to what my people from the East call ‘Afo beer’ (beer belly) in men who drink a lot of beer

Double whammy!!!
Double wahala!!!

That big tummy also tells us that your blood sugar level is high and that has huge implications for pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes which can affect both the lepas and orobos.

Oh and some of us know that fruits have sugar too so why doesn’t the sugar in fruit cause belly fat to increase too? That is because whole fruit also has plenty of fibre in it which balances the sugar content out. A diet high in natural sugar is different than one high in artificial sugar as the latter overloads the liver which is assigned to metabolizing sugar. When it is overloaded, it becomes less efficient so is forced to convert it to fat…

BELLY FAT mostly.

So what to do?

This is after all why you are here!!!

Upgrade the quality of your foods without necessarily changing the portions especially if your portions were fine before.

Less white rice, more brown rice. Same portion

Less to no deep frying and more cooking, grilling and air-frying

More fruits, less biscuits as snacks in between meals

More water or healthy drinks like zobo or fresh fruit juices. Less sugary and processed juices

Simply put, you can eat your way to abs.

The beautiful thing is that stomach fat responds pretty fast to any attempt to lose it so in as little as a week or two of cleaning up your diet FOR REAL especially a detox, you can already lose 1-2 inches especially as abdominal fat from junk is associated with bloating and getting rid of the bloat can really make a quick and significant difference.

Try it and come and testify.

Oh some foods also promote fat burning especially around the abdominal area so you can google and incorporate into your diet.

I especially believe in and recommend this ‘tummy fat blasting potion’ to my ‘skinny fat’ Squaddies.

This is simply ginger, cucumber and lemon all infused in water and taken last thing at night.

Now let us get right down into the real dirty curse word…


Drum roll please!!!



You KNOW you have to (in addition to eating clean) workout right (Eziaha, you too, d’uh)?

Forget all those useless marketing lies that say you don’t need exercising, just drink their tea and belly fat will go.
Na so!!!

And all of us are not walking around in two-piece bikinis… Pschewwwww

My sister, we must also work out.

And the workouts here would have to be highly targeted and very spot-reduction focused.

What this simply means is that it will be HARD and PAINFUL!!! At least at first…

The best you would have as you lose belly fat only with your diet is an extremely flabby external belly and an extremely weak internal core even though you can get away with a flat tummy in cloths.

So these targeted workouts will not just help you lose belly fat, they will also help you tone and strengthen the core region.

Like we all know, a STRONG CORE like your spiritual life, is EVERYTHING. It holds the whole body together.

Yes, and AMEN!!!

The right kind of workouts will fill your frame with lean muscle (and you may even gain some small and safe weight on the scale) while attacking belly fat.

Your body is very smart (THANK YOU JESUS FOR MAKING US SO INTRICATE) and training it with the right workout will not make you now look funny or too skinny especially if you worry that you are already skinny.

There is an exercise for everyone really, whatever your goal.

Examples of those workouts are crunches, sit ups, planks (so efficient even though you will be shaking like a leaf), burpees and the likes. Training with weights also help, and you can start with smaller weights, increasing as you get comfortable.

This is also the time to get on YouTube and find these ‘Abs only’ workout plans and do them. One I share with my Squaddies is Jillian Michaels 6 weeks 6 packs.

It is my go-to when I am in the mood to lose and tone fat around my belly and I may need to bring it out again in this season.

Well, maybe not. I find it too easy. I may go for one from Fitness Blender instead.

Did Jillian for 6weeks morning and night. Whoop

YouTube is OUR friend.

Don’t completely throw away Cardio workouts though as they also help boost body metabolism and are just heart friendly so find a balance between strength and cardio. I would say more strength/abs training than cardio

Of course I am only recommending these targeted workouts where belly fat is the problem and not for those who have fat evenly distributed all over their bodies. If you kill yourself doing abs workouts when you have real fat to lose, you are just wasting your precious time and enduring the pain for nothing

Ok so there are other hacks I have to burn belly fat faster…

1. Waist trainers…

It helps you hold your core in well enough as you work out especially as most of us can’t engage our core and ‘sucking belle inside’ especially as you work out is so key to faster results.

Don’t think that waist trainers have any power on their own to melt belly fat. If you wear waist trainers all day all night for 365 days and eat crap, when you take it off, your belly fat is still there and will manifest after a couple minutes or hours. Plus there are long term implications of wearing them for too long anyways.

Stop looking for short cuts all the time

Substitute God for weight loss and cha-ching!!! You are welcome…

2. Lemon-infused water.

Lemon has a way of detoxing us especially first thing in the morning and also controlling appetite and then fighting belly fat. That magic potion I mentioned above also helps.

3. Practice sitting up and holding your belly in at all times even when not working out. You are building your core muscles to be stronger

4. Check and reduce your stressors

Things that cause you to stress out as cortisol which is the stress hormone – if in excess – can cause us to store fat around the belly. Plus for most of us, when we are stressed, we tend to overeat apples and cucumbers.


We go for the small chops, biscuits and chocolates.


Hey, let’s get IT baby!!!

Let’s get that flat belly,

To your STRONG CORE (Body and Spirit)

Hey Squaddies,

Here’s more gist

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  1. So enlightening, as always. So this detox water, how long does one need to soak the ginger, cucumber and lemon in water before it’s ready to drink.
    Thank you.

  2. Hmm My coach, thank you,I am actually in this table,I will begin tonight to start taking the ginger lemon and cucumber.I will also look into the quantity of my food I take in. Exercise ??,very key. I love the way you infuse scriptures into everything you do. Truly you are the Captain Wild and I thank God for His grace at work in your life.God bless you ma.

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