ChaYAH Wholeness, your premium lifestyle Overhaul&Upgrade.

If your primary goal is ‘weight loss’, then I apologize ChaYAH Wholeness is NOT FOR YOU. If however, you are ready to completely OVERHAUL and UPGRADE your lifestyle and health, then Congratulations, Sister, YOU have found The ONE. ChaYAH Wholeness is your PREMIUM lifestyle ‘Overhaul&Upgrade’, with a goal to get you PERMANENTLY on the healthy […]

A better LEGACY, for today, for tomorrow, for our children

I once coached a Client, a medical Doctor, whose health challenges had led her to us, but despite our best efforts, kept failing. One day, she vulnerably told me how she literally grew up on junk food, as her mom would replace real food she rejected with pastries and the likes. That battle I was […]