If your primary goal is ‘weight loss’, then I apologize ChaYAH Wholeness is NOT FOR YOU.

If however, you are ready to completely OVERHAUL and UPGRADE your lifestyle and health, then Congratulations, Sister, YOU have found The ONE.
ChaYAH Wholeness is your PREMIUM lifestyle ‘Overhaul&Upgrade’, with a goal to get you PERMANENTLY on the healthy path, with support from the dream team at Jesus Girls’ Nation, led by the President (and your new best friend), CoachE’.
It is for EVERY WOMAN – young or old, married or single, mommy or not, working class or student, pregnant or nursing, in Nigeria, or diaspora.
Keep reading for MORE!!!

Hello Citizens,

So much to say HELLO to;

First, a new name. If you are subscribed to my emailing list, you would already know this (you can sign up for that here), that the assignment, has pivoted away from what used to be, to what is NOW. Sooooooo, we said buh-bye to Coach E’Squad ltd., and HELLO to

Drum roll

Jesus Girls’ Nation

We are NOW a food, fitness and wholeness solution for;

1. Women who want to completely overhaul and upgrade their diet and lifestyle

2. Moms who want to leave a better healthy legacy for their children (More on this here LEGACY)

A better LEGACY, for today, for tomorrow, for our children

3. Everyone who wants to find healing through food (Therapeia. More on this later)

And in this post, you will have all the details you need on ChaYAH, your PREMIUM lifestyle ‘Overhaul&Upgrade’.

This YOU-Centric coaching system POWERED by keystone habits, will hand you the tools, and then allow you the time and flexibility, without pressure, to create the results you want, in a process you love, and can sustain for life. It is our privilege to Champion you through.

ChaYAH Wholeness is the ONLY or FINAL health and fitness program you would EVER NEED, and we say this with our FULL CHEST.

Now you are probably wondering, How will ChaYAH Wholeness work? What is different about it?


We have prepared this document for you to download and enjoy, and if you have more questions, there is a way to reach us there.

Now, I want you to meet your ChaYAH Wholeness Coach and the backstory behind it.

Hey Sister,

My name is Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo (CoachE’), a wife and mom of two boys, and I am SO excited to take you on this journey, especially because it is very personal to me.

In 2015, following the birth of my first son, I gained a whooping 40kg, and on my post-partum weight loss journey, I would lose 30kg in about 4 months.

Building on that incredible success, I launched my faith-based fitness company, CoachE’Squad Ltd. helping women around the world lose weight and bring healthy back. I would then go on to have my second baby, gaining under 12kg, and losing it all almost immediately post-delivery. This gave me the platform to help pregnancy and nursing moms rock out their bump and nursing season with discipline. I have also had the privilege of raising a THRIVING healthy family that embraces the healthy lifestyle, and sustaining my wins.

This ride has been fulfilling, humbling and deeply satisfying as we have seen results beyond weight loss, from healing, to conception, restored homes and relationships, and more.

However, I started to notice that while we had incredible results with weight loss, about 75% of my Clients seemed to relapse after months, and would find themselves coming back over and over again. The results were present, but weren’t sustainable. I knew there had to be a better way that guaranteed results that lasted. That got me into deep thinking, researching and strategising.


ChaYAH Wholeness, Your Premium Lifestyle ‘Overhaul&Upgrade’.

By involving you MORE in the process, handing you tools that make you WIN independently, while utilizing the concept of ‘keystone habits’, ChaYAH Wholeness guarantees sustainable results (beyond weight loss), at a pace that is pressure-free,and built with a system that has been optimized for your life and success.

It is a complete lifestyle overhaul and upgrade. You will find it hard to downgrade after this. Let’s call it ‘Coaching from the future’.

Personally, I have applied this concept to my healthy lifestyle, and other areas of my life, and the JOY I have from winning is the same JOY I cannot wait for you to win at.

Final Note:

The Hebrew Word ChaYAH means to LIVE in the BEST kind of way, not just merely keeping the body alive. It is the kind of life preserved by food, water and wisdom, God’s wisdom.

Our VISION at Jesus Girls’ Nation (former CoachE’Squad Ltd) is to create a healthy world of women, by extension, families, who are completely committed to a lifestyle of WHOLENESS beyond weight loss, and combating the JUNK global pandemic today, so we can all truly live and enjoy their BEST LIVES.

It is such a privilege and honestly we are humbled, you would choose us to guide you into it.
Let’s do this, Sister

To your BEST LIFE ever,
President, Jesus Girls’ Nation

If you are a mom and you TRULY want to upgrade your kids lives and leave them a BETTER LEGACY, then we have the PERFECT solution for you
A better LEGACY

Get all the details and download the fun sheet in this blog, but here are two dates for the rest of 2021 in case you wanna jump in now. Registration is OPEN

A better LEGACY, for today, for tomorrow, for our children

1st Stream: Sunday, October 17 to Friday December 24
2nd Stream: Sunday, October 24 to Friday, December 31
Email or whatsapp 09055868614

Tell other Moms you know lets LEAVE A BETTER LEGACY together


And on YouTube, I just shared a video on 5 reasons you want to do better with your kids diet and lifestyle

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