Super-duper excited to kick this off.

So for 21 days, I would LOVE to hold a couple of #JesusGirls to a DAILY WORKOUT AT HOME challenge.

Come on, how AMAZING is this?

Many of us want to work out but are either clueless (I don’t even know where to start), misinformed (I need the gym, I need fancy equipment, etx for it to be efficient), lacking motivation (hey, I am bringing the fullness of my ginger AND I will be joining you too), or are just plain LAZY (hey, we will have 5mins to 20 mins. You choose your ‘LAZY’)

This is going to be SO FUN!!!

The goal is to get us all to build a WORKOUT HABIT while we are home this holiday

You see, when I lost 30kg in 4 months, I was mom to a 6month old and had NO help so going to the gym was out of it. However, working out AT HOME and being kept accountable gave me massive results.

(Baby at 6months and 1 year)

Like, I didn’t just lose weight, I toned out too, and that without any fancy gym equipment.

See my abs now.

And arms too

You can read my story here which is also how my business started and I have helped thousands more

Oh of course I ate clean too

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I am a GYM girl but I also KNOW how to workout AT HOME and get RESULTS.

And with the #COVIDLockdown, we BETTER be rocking our workouts safely and at home.

So weekly, you will get VIDEO tutorials from me (ranging from 5mins to 20mins depending on your power), DAILY accountability and check-ins (hey, we gotta SHOW UP), daily weight loss confessions and prayers every Friday (hey, we NEED Jesus, don’t we) and AS A BONUS, I will be sharing one of my meals DAILY and a little education and recipe around that meal.

All I need you to do is WORKOUT, either morning or night, and then send me a post workout selfie so I tick you present for the day. Yes we will keep a HABIT TRACKER so daily you can see how you are doing.

If you make it to the end of 21 days with a continuous STREAK, meaning you didn’t miss a day, then you get my WORLD FAMOUS Garden of Eden Nutrition Plan, which would help you detox and reset your body so that you are functioning optimally going forward.

You don’t need any fancy equipment for this. Just your workout wears, bras, skipping rope (this is optional but I would throw in a skipping challenge in addition to the video workouts) and a pair of dumb bells at least 2kg. Again, the dumb bells are not compulsory and you can do the moves without them, but most of us need to tone those arms and the dumb bells would help A LOT!!!

Also note that you would NOT be getting Nutrition plans as part of this program. If you need a full weight loss program, please sign up for our WEIGHT IS OVER challenge and we would rock it out with you.

This is a workout challenge ONLY.

This is open to EVERYONE not just those who want to lose weight. Honestly, JesusGirls should WORK OUT as it gives you more energy to go about your God-given assignments. Ask the Proverbs 31 Chick

She girds herself with strength [spiritual, mental, and physical fitness for her God-given task] and makes her arms strong and firm. Proverbs 31:17 AMPC

So whether slim or overweight, you can jump right in. In fact, I am expecting those my slim sisters who think work out is not for them. Girl, let me educate, empower, and hold you accountable as you start this wonderful journey into the world of workout. Those in diaspora are welcome too.

We kick off Monday March 30, 2020 and I intentionally kept it affordable at N7000 and if you pay BEFORE Sunday, March 29, you pay an early bird fee of N5000

Come on, don’t say I never do anything for you. I just threw down a WHOLE program for you so come through baby.

Can’t wait to kick off. And kick fat (and workout laziness lol)

You can pay into

CoachE’Squad Ltd



Then send an email to, or a whatsapp to 09055868614 or 09075256305 with the Payment details and hey, you are IN!!!

Let’s do this, #JesusGirls

Let’s get FIT4PurposeOnPurpose


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