At the time, I loved and followed Funmi Iyanda closely. I had even hosted her show, New Dawn on 10 for one day after writing her a letter and stating how much I adored her. Read all about that adventure HERE

If you know Funmi, she’s slim, right. So it was a shock when she decided to start lifting weights because she wanted to gain weight. She tried to explain that lifting weights build muscles which then adds to the figures on the scale, and even though I didn’t understand her, I trusted her.

Today, as a Health Coach and weight management consultant, I can say that not only do I understand this, I agree 100%. we don’t typically associate gaining weight with exercising at all (Do you want to lose the small weight you have?), and in fact, we typically associate weight gain with eating junk food, meaning that if someone wants to gain weight, we think the only way out is to start eating chocolates and small chops in excess.

That’s a lie, and in this post, split into part 1 and 2, I will share a couple of STRATEGIC ways to gain weight healthily, and contrast it for those who want to lose or maintain their weight, so whatever your goal is, there is something good for you.

Let’s do this

Looking to gain weight? Try these healthy ways TODAY

1. Schedule BLD meal times!!!

This is perhaps the BIGGEST change anyone who is underweight and looking to gain weight needs to do. Most times, people like so literally forget to eat, which is why you need a standardized system to call you to eat.

So, don’t skip meals, and you won’t when it is set on schedule. Then when that alarm goes, make sure to EAT and EAT WELL

Looking to lose/maintain your weight, start to eat TWICE a day. Officially, we should not be eating ‘three square meals’ as adults. Two good meals and 1 or 2 snacks are fine to take you through the day, so get one whole meal out of the schedule, please!

2. Dense foods before Light, and no water before!

This is another super key point. When you sit to eat and there are quite a few food items before you, PLEASE don’t go for the light foods first so they don’t take up precious space in your already ‘small’ tummy, forcing you to be full before the calories have truly found their way in!

So, be strategic. don’t drink water before meals, just dive right into the calorie dense foods first, eg carbs, healthy fats, and protein. Keep the veggies for later, and drink water when you are done or almost done. This way, you get as much calories in with heavier foods first.

On the flip side, if weight loss or maintenance is the goal, please drink a good glass of water before food, and start with the lighter meals first. This way, before you start to load up on heavier foods, the feeling of satiety is already setting in and that is A-OK!

3. Use a BIGGER plate to eat.

I recall when I was trying to lose weight, one ‘non-food hack’ I employed was eating with a smaller plate. When you have limited space, even small foods seem big and you cannot overload a small plate too much anyways. There’s some science to this too, and frankly, it worked for me. Seeing my plate full didn’t make me seem like I was starving, or eating too little and that message to my brain also reached my belly.

Now for my sisters looking to gain the weight, please eat with a bigger, wider plate, and do your best to stack it up healthily. You don’t want to put just a spoon of rice, and bam, no space again, and next thing you are already rationing. So throw away those small desert plates and go for bigger, and where possible white plates, then fill them nicely!

To wrap this up nicely, NO you don’t need to load up on junk to gain weight. There is no need gaining weight and also gaining diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, and other diet-related and avoidable sicknesses.

Just start to practice these strategic tips and watch the figures on the scale start to rise. Then, look out for part 2 of this post and if you have any Qs which you want me to address then, feel free to drop a comment.

Know any one trying to lose weight? Send this to them and they will thank you.

And don’t forget to adopt a PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE stance to your diet and health because a health crisis will hit and you need a Body built and fit ‘For-Purpose’ if it is not going to affect you.

At Jesus Girls’ Nation, we help you build that ‘For-Purpose body’, whether with our free content here on this blog and on YouTube, or with any of our Programs and Services including our Premium program WOW!

And even in creating a Nutrition Plan that works for you!

Email if we can serve you in any way!

Shalom Shalom

Your Health Coach,


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