Hey guys,

Happy New week…

I am cramping a lot into this post, rounding up week 3 and jumping into week 4. I hope to blog daily this week so you can track a bit closer, especially for those of you kinda lowkey on this journey with me.

Remember I am here as your inspiration not for you to be intimidated or copy me completely. Just study closely, find the principles then apply in a way that works for you aii?


So I woke up on Sunday SUPER EXCITED about weigh in. Only to climb my scale and it was acting up. Low battery first then it just stayed on 0.0kg even with my full weight on it.

I just gave up and found the tape to measure, then wore my cloths and snapped to record my non-scale victories

(My abs are coming back yawl)

Speaking on non-scale victories, there are some I didn’t even know before but I am witnessing. Stuff like putting your arms on your waist and realizing that the width has literally shrunk. I am not saying round about your waist, I am saying just that part where your palm rests.

I have noticed that the width of mine is now so much smaller

Something else is my post-partum belt, which I wear from time to time during the day at home. Now the Velcro seems LONGER as it almost stops in front of my belly when I go round meanwhile it used to stop at my obliques/sides.

Means that my waist circumference has reduced allowing it to wrap even further.


Ok on to figures
Started the inches journey at 35 inches on my waist line and now by the end of week 3, I have lost over 5inches from my waist line, that’s a HUGE DEAL.

Those inches don’t go down that easily. My goal there used to be 28 but let’s see about making it a 26 or 27, and this time, TONED!!!
My hips too shrunk

Can’t find where I wrote the inches… I’ll update when I do…

My goal for my hips are two bottoms I have. One is this blue pants above and then my jeans

This jean stops half way up my bum so when it can comfortably slide all the way to my belly button, we good. Wore it this week and it’s coming up better now… But not there yet

The pants need to fit properly like this pix, with my hand able to EASILY slide into the pocket.

When I started this weight loss journey, it was literally giving me a valley around my belly with how tight it was.

Today it fits a whole lot better but the goal now is SPACE. What that means is say 40 to 42inches or so…

Love having my goal look at me like this cos even though I have come so far, I still have even more to go. Can’t be that easy to get this pants to fit like this again. But that’s my goal. Some of yawl look back too much to celebrate where you are coming from and forget just how far you have to go…


I have not been measuring my bust. I keep forgetting. Will do this new week.

Then either I buy a new scale and change the battery…
I was a little disappointed at the scale cos I really wanted to hit 5kg and then enjoy a slice of cake, so not seeing anything wasn’t funny. I have had the same scale for 3 years now so maybe it is tired of me…

Again, it was another good week, non-scale victories wise.

I really love seeing how fat is melting off my body. FAT ON FIRE literally cos the girl too is on SPIRITUAL fire…

Hey, a new week starts and let me quickly run through my Sunday and Monday up until this point

I woke on Sunday and after the scale disappointment, I had a boiled egg, Weetabix and FnF for breakfast, both small portions, then went to church.

Gown was a gift on Saturday and it fit perfectly. Always thought I was a size 12. Looks like at my ideal I’m a 10. This dress is a 12.

Still felt like having a treat so either I was going to buy that hot coconut bread sold from the Mobile bakery in church (I attend Daystar) or have a generous slice of cake from hubby’s birthday. Traffic didn’t allow us drive past the bakery so I settled for the cake.

Got home and was SUPER EXCITED then cut a nice chunk. A piece of the chocolate icing dropped off so I started with that.

Approximately 2 seconds later, my body went into a sugar shock. Eyes dizzy, body weakness and co. I couldn’t believe it. My people, that’s how I didn’t eat that cake.

I decided to see if regular chocolate will fly so I had 2 fun sized portions of Toblerone and I was fine. Returned cake to the freezer. My body is a traitor. Really wanted cake. Ugh. Stupid scale and stupid cake lol

Had a cup of rice and 2 cups of salad for lunch, snacked on a cucumber and took like 3 round pieces of hubby’s fried plantain and that was all. Oh, and zobo. Maybe 0.3L…

Saturday was a literal NO FOOD DAY
So, I attended this event which I knew would be ALL DAY. Packed my breakfast of salad and chicken and kinda expected it to pull me through. Somehow, I bought crackers instead. The yellow one, two, and decided I will have the salad later
Yawl, that program was FIRE I forgot to eat. It was Pastor’s wives and women in ministry conference by Pastor Enoh Jerry and I can’t even explain how I felt.

Anyways when I remembered my salad at 2, it was spoiled. With a spirit that full, I didn’t even vex. Just got 2 more crackers and that was it.

(These women set fire to my soul literally)

Came home to green and oolong tea and that was all for the day. Also worked out in the morning

I don’t like to miss a Saturday or Monday morning workout. Kinda feel like both days set the tone for the weekend and week.

Ok so today is Monday and earlier today just as I kinda worked through what I wanted to eat today, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me it was time for me to go vegan, and give up meats for the next 3 weeks.

Yawl know I wanted to do the Daniel fast after week 2 but I gave up jare. I didn’t think I was ready, but anyways when I heard the HS speak, I knew that was a wind I needed to jump right into
I knew He had released GRACE so I needed to ride on those wings
So, help me God…

Today we fast and pray at the Office but I think ill have veggie eggs to break and then a smoothie or fruit salad.
Mondays are very heavy for me work wise so food is the least of my problems
I have worked out though and ready to further attack the day.

Plus, I have my teas too and liquid to hydrate (I drink water when I fast)
Ok see yawl tomorrow. Like I said, I will try to do this daily this week

Kisses yawl and cheers to a friggin’ amazing week ahead


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