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What sweating tells you about your workout

I am a sweater. Pretty much 2.7seconds into my workout, the girl is sweating buckets.

It is now infinitely worse when the source of ventilation or cooling is not directly stationed on, or at least favoring me. Gosh, it can feel like someone put me in a steam bath.

If you work out with me, you can be easily intimidated, especially if your best efforts just make you trickle. I come bearing good news darling…

Sweating is not an indication of how effective your workout is. It is only indicative of how effective your sweat glands are, and a sure sign that you need to hog the fan or be stationed right in the pathway of the AC vents when you work out. Lol.

For real though, that the sweat is pouring doesn’t mean much. I have very very active sweat glands, and beyond even working out, I sweat a lot (which is why I have to take extra care per hygiene and especially perfumes and deo sprays).

You sef, think about it. If you work out during winter and it is REALLY REALLY cold, you wont sweat that much. If you work out under very very cold AC and fan on high speed, as you are sweating, they are drying it up. Does that mean you are not burning calories? Nah, Sis.

What really tells you how much calories you are burning and how effective your workout is, remains this thing nobody sees but you alone feel called HEART RATE…

The faster your HR, the more calories you are burning. Once your heart rate slows, you are burning less calories.

That is why you really should not take frequent and extended rests during a workout. All that start and stop is messing with your HR and by extension, your calorie burn. Just kill yourself and give everything until the end then bring down that heart rate.

Heart rate monitors also can help track HR which is why fitness bands rocks like my FitBit pictured above. I did a post on it right here. The trackers can’t see your sweat but they accurately would measure the calories you are burning cos they are getting their data from your heart rate and pulse.

We are all familiar with cardio workouts, and these ones truly elevate your heart rate and also make you sweat a bit more, but even the strength workouts and resistance trainings (lifting weights, using resistance bands, push-ups, crunches, etx) may not get you to sweat that much but they certainly increase your heart rate and are very effective. Infact, I am currently faithful to Jillian Michaels 6weeks 6packs and I don’t sweat as much, yet it is one the most effective workouts out there.

My heart rate is thumping and even my belly suddenly has a rhythm too lol.

So, don’t glorify your sweats when you work out. Even though we will all sweat, the intensity differs but what truly levels us all out remains our heart rate.

Cheers to getting that heart rate to shoot through the roof…


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