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Why DINNER is NOW the most important meal of the day

Recently, I sat with my team discussing the Vision and Core values at CSL. I sensed in my spirit it was time to make a few changes and so I put that on the table

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Ok so one core value we introduced is CENTERED INNOVATION
Innovation because really, in the world of food and fitness (and life in general), breakthrough ideas and ways of doing things keep popping up. It’s really a case of “Innovate or die” so if we will keep serving right, then we BETTER be innovative
Innovate: make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.
However, in making changes, I needed to have a solid foundation based on values i consider unshakeable. Not everything NEW or BREAKTHROUGH is for us at CSL #JesusGirlsFitness.

There has to be some system to sieve through so we are not being conformed to this world and its ways that are passing away.

That keeps our thoughts strong, because we know that our life is safe with God. It is like an anchor that keeps a boat safe….

Hebrews 6:19 EASY

That’s where the term CENTERED comes from. 
Centered: Having an ANCHOR. Placed or situated in the centre.
For us at CSL, the anchor is Jesus. So while we make all the innovative changes, we keep Him bang in the centre. 
But this blog is not about our core values. It is about ONE of our centered innovations.
In the past, I would say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while I would now argue that all meals are pretty important, my years of hands on coaching experience will now make me place DINNER over BREAKFAST especially within the context of weight loss
Let me now tell you why…and then share how you can make dinner work for you on a weight loss journey
Most of my clients STRUGGLE with dinner like crazy. Late night eating is mostly the bane of most peoples weightloss.  You do well all day then night comes and it looks like the food demons just take over your entire senses and you are making the poorest, weakest food decisions, all of which you regret soon after eating all, and even worse in the morning.

The result? NO RESULTS, really. Cos you take one step forward and 3 steps backwards at night.

It has really been a prayer point for me personally as I have been brainstorming how else to help my clients win these little demons. Thankfully, God led me to a research finding on the brain and showed me how to implement this into night eating
Now the study is pretty technical so I’ll have to put it in my own words so we all get it.
Keep these two words in mind though
We can credit social psychologist, Roy Baumeister for this.

DF occurs after a long session of decision making by the brain which results in low self control and willpower

Our brain uses calories to make these decisions and by the time we get to dinner time, we are EXHAUSTED and DEPLETED and the brain now chooses to conserve energy by making impulse decisions or choosing not to choose
Which is why our dinner choices, if being made on the spot, are usually CRAPPY.
It’s not just that you are not disciplined or lack self control, your brain is fried, literally. Because self control and willpower are subject to exhaustion 
So how does this apply to weightloss?
So glad you asked. I gotcha babes.
You can take the thinking out of night eating by planning ahead what you will eat. And by planning, I dont just mean that you know in your head, nope. You will have it IN THE FLESH ready for you BEFORE it is time. 
While I am such a major advocate for meal planning ahead for all meals, if you are busy and can only afford one meal prepping, go for DINNER.
Now this is not to say plan CRAP ahead.

Remember you are trying to lose weight in particular, and #bringhealthyback in general, so you will plan ahead HEALTHY meals and prepare it.

Typically with our Nutrition plans, we keep dinner light, except the Squaddie wants extra. No need going for anything complicated at night. Has to be soemthing you can take with you to work, or have ready in the freezer to microwave or heat up when you get back. If you have a help or chef, let them know ahead so as you get home, they bring it to you without too much question.
For instance,you could choose fruits.

Watermelon. You can decide to have 3 cups, then 1L water, then go to sleep.

You could choose okro which should be ready BEFORE dinner time, even better chilling in the freezer waiting for you.
It could be peppersoup. 3 cups with a piece of fish and you are good. 
Could be crackers. 5 sticks and 1L water and you are good 
Could be a smoothie.
Could be 2 apples and 1 pear packed in the morning on your way to work so you can eat in traffic.
If you have cause to stay up late, you will also plan a healthy late night snack. Could be 2 apples, 3 oranges, 2 cups watermelon, 1 Yellow crackers, and a lot of water or flavoured or green tea.
You must plan it all AHEAD 
You should NOT have to think about it. Make the process VERY EASY. Be proactively LAZY my sister. Set yourself up for success.
8pm, after all the madness of the day, is not the time to start racking your brain on what to eat, my sister. You will make very poor choices. 
Very, being the operative word
You will also have a conversation with yourself and your tummy BEFORE dinner that this is what we are eating ooo and no more.
You will hog and hug your water bottle all night and keep sipping while repeating to yourself that you wont break the rules you made for yourself.
You will constantly remind yourself of the ever present help of the Holy spirit 
You will keep busy, productively busy not just mindless TV watching and the likes, so your mind is not full of thoughts of food
And if you have nothing worthwhile to do awake, you will go and sleep, Ma.
So that’s it. That’s how I’m rolling these days. I’m making dinner a proactively lazy affair. No thinking, no planning, no long prepping process, just eating.
Let’s set ourselves AND NIGHTS up for success.
Let’s crack this thing.
Let’s receive this word like a child but work on it like an adult… a SON.
I’ve already started applying it (to dinner and more areas of my life) and I’m excited at how my mind is working these days.

I fasted yesterday and I planned my dinner way ahead. I work from home and my hours are flexible, and light not an issue so I didnt prep to the end.

Planned to have a smoothie and then macaroni and egg stir fry.

I dished out my macaroni portion ahead and tossed in freezer. Cut all my veggies too and out in freezer. Cut my fruits (pineapple, mango, cucumber and lettuce)and had all in freezer.

Time to eat and I tossed veggies in pan, added eggs, microwaved pasta and added to pan. Meal was ready in less than 10mins. Smoothie too cos all I did was throw in my blender and boom, ready too.

I set myself up to succeed and I did. I made the choice BEFORE the moment.

I’m very thankful for technology and especially social and neuro psychology, the aspect that deals with humans and then our brain.

Then I’m happy to juxtapose it with faith and make it work for us all.
I hope this helps you as it is helping me and my squaddies as we apply it.
God has already helped us. Now let’s get to work. Remember, it’s not just about being slim and hot, which is great, but even greater is that I want you to be fit and strong enough to say YES to Jesus

Yes to your God given assignments. For #JesusGirls, that’s our Fitness goals

To your success
Eziaha (CoachE’)
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10 thoughts on “Why DINNER is NOW the most important meal of the day”

  1. Wow this opened my eyes to what d problem is at nyt. Trying out planning nd attended 2 my dinner b4 dinner time. Truly been tired from d days activities is what gets me going crap at nyt

  2. Amen to healthy night meals. Honestly, late night eating is a big problem especially when you are breastfeeding. But like you said, prep ahead and discuss with your tummy. That’s disciplined decision. 👍🏽👌🏽

    1. Did you see what the other mom posted in the Nursing mama squad? I love her tips for those breastfeeding. We got this mama

  3. Eraromena Grant

    Well said darling, I already do this unintentionally though not a routine. But it makes a whole lot of to stick to it. Thanks

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