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Is any of these a concern of yours?

  • You feel tired and sleepy before its 10am
  • Time is constantly flying away from you and 24 hours just isn’t enough
  • You have a lot of work to do and you keep shelving some important things like exercising

Guess what? I’ve got some good news and bad news for you!!

It’s time to bring out the CALCULATOR!

“The bad news is your time is finite. The good news is you can invest it in such a way that it multiplies and stretches for you” – Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo

How do you do this? Well, all the wisdom you need is in your BODY which is constantly speaking and how to respond is to be super intentional about how you manage yourself with the wisdom received.

In my recent video HERE I talk about Time. Energy. Body. Calculator. How they can be expertly combined to give you best results in your life. Trust me, you’ll be jumping for joy by the end of the video.

Professional tip ; Bring out the calculator and calculate your time and energy if you’re going to get the best out of your body.

Why do you need a calculator in your life? The entire answer is HERE when you watch. In the video I shared a personal story that truly buttresses my point about time and energy. I thrive on all nighters, between the hours of 11pm and 6am, give me any five hours within and I will get solid deep work done. However, I get really hungry when I’m up at night, my brain is using a lot of fuel, and this needs replenishing. Now the TYPE of food you eat can either empower you to fulfill purpose or take way strength from you.

Knowing this I don’t just eat anyhow. I have to bring out the CALCULATOR and calculate because the type of food that I eat is so key to getting the most out of my time and energy which are both finite resources.

So typically I would drink lots of water and take herbal tea, eat foods like nuts, juicy fruits and boiled eggs. This foods give me ENERGY and keeps my mind sharp and alert.

However one time, against better judgment I ate white pasta and my goodness! My otherwise sharp and alert mind started to shut down after 30 minutes. I started to feel sleepy and actually took myself to bed. In that instance I was not the BEST INVESTOR of my time and energy. I let them fly away and that was not wise at all.

As believers we have to take heed to how we live. We cannot be excusing and justifying why we are not strong enough to do the things God has called us to do. Our body is TEMPLE and we cannot just eat anyhow, one day we will give an account to God about the choices we made.

Our God is a CAPITALIST and he’s always looking for returns on investment. Yep! He has invested A LOT in us His children.

I share one more example and personal story in the video and this has to do with EXERCISE. It’s so good! The hack I share as well will truly help you.

This is really how I live my life and get so much done. I calculate! I invest my time and energy prudently with the wisdom my body provides.

You too can be an investor in how you use your time and energy such that it multiplies and stretches for you. This all boils down to how we eat and take care of our bodies. I trust this video will hand you some practical tools to get started or keep going.

Cheers to calculating your time and energy as a wise investor to get the most out of it.

Your Health Coach,

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