Transitioning to the ‘FitFam life’ aka the GOOD LIFE, aka the BEST KIND OF LIFE for Saints like you and I can be hard for EVERYONE. And that is perfectly understandable because for many many years, we were schooled in the opposite direction so everything will fight against us repenting and going back to the right direction.
I hope this post hands you very practical tools to repent, enjoy and sustain the ride. These are things I continue to practice that have kept me and my family rocking out this lifestyle and by God’s grace, will keep me here till we transition to glory.
Ready? Let’s roll

Hey FitFam,

Like most of us know, I am really into healthy living. But like most things in life, we learn and grow daily. I attend the amazing church, Daystar, and every September, we focus on healthy living. One of the Wednesdays, Dr Chris Williams was the Guest minister and he schooled us on the healthy lifestyle, and how we can literally use food to ward off disease and fight it should it come.

Find that message here. Living A Sickness Free Life

Side note: On another Wednesday, I was privileged to be on the panel too and we discussed, well, healthy living.

I am SO THANKFUL for the visionary leadership of Pastor Sam ADEYEMI. These kind of conversations should happen from the pulpit, because MAYBE, just MAYBE, why we Saints seem to be falling sick and DYING from it, despite all our prayers, is that we are being DISOBEDIENT to divine instructions about what we eat.

Exodus 23 v 25 “You must serve only the LORD your God. If you do, I will bless you with food and water, and I will protect you from illness.

So, after listening to Dr Chris, I then decided to make even further changes to my family diet. So far, I have been successful and I wanted to share with my Saints on here, not just the changes I am making, but the PRINCIPLES that have kept me on track. I don’t want you to COPY my WHAT blindly, without knowing my WHY and my HOW, as that is not sustainable, instead I want you to take these tools, do more research and apply these principles as you build your own HEALTHY LIFESTYLE for yourself and family.

I will share 5 things to help and feel free to use the comments to help even more Saints that will come on here to get help. We really need every hand on deck to fight this demon of sickness perpetuated through the food and lifestyle we permit.

1. Realize that some things have NO FIT FAM ALTERNATIVE

While for many foods, we can find healthier ways to make them or source them, I had to start here so you don’t go in with lofty expectations that everything unhealthy, you can somehow replace neatly with a healthy alternative, as in a healthier way to make the same thing. Not true. Somethings just need to GO finally.

For example, at home, I only recently learned to fry akara, that is bean balls, and I now realized that I don’t even want to have anything to do with deep frying ANYMORE.

Sad, but I had to let it go completely from my diet. I can eat my beans cooked, make the bean soup aka gbegiri out of it, or make moimoi, that is bean cakes.

NO, you cant make akara with an air-fryer, oven and even Salad Master Skillet didn’t work for me.

Well, if you find an alternative that excludes deep frying, do let me know.
My point is, we will have to painfully let some things get out of our kitchen, so get OK with that.


This one is SO SO SO KEY because when we start to have all these crazy timelines, then we are under pressure and then get frustrated when it doesn’t happen on our timeline.

Please don’t rush. Sit down and PLAN WELL. Tackle 1 or max 3 things at a time. For example, one week, I tackled PASTA, and I did the same the second week. While I TRULY want to tackle WHITE BREAD and finally THROW IT OUT OF MY HOUSE and FRIDGE, I knew tackling white pasta and bread together will be hard, if not impossible, so I focused on pasta and it worked. Such joy to have that WIN in the bag, then I can ride on it to tackle bread.

What this also means is that I have to do research on how to make bread at home with healthier flour and all, and because I am no baker, this will take TIMEEEEE so I am pacing myself. No pressure and no overwhelm, but I am definitely making progress daily, even if baby steps.

So research, replace gradually and by all means, pace yourself as you make progress.

FUN FACT: Like some of you know, my business is pivoting away from our regular coaching via squads, and our new coaching system will be powered especially by the concepts from Number 2. Weight loss is no longer the goal, healthy living is, so I am so EXCITED for this as we will not only have RESULTS but results that LAST!!!

3. Have a GENEROUS BUDGET for mistakes

This is somewhat closely related to number 2, but while number 2 focuses on time, this one focuses on money. And please, don’t overwhelm yourself with this, as you can work well within your budget.

My point is, in trying out some new things, you will make MANY MISTAKES that mean that you will be throwing out some food.

Gosh, while I share quite a bit on my FitFam life publicly, I hardly share my mistakes. The many many times I threw out batter, from beans, to pancakes, because I was trying out a home made version or a ‘non white flour’ version of something.

Pancakes have been the HARDEST to crack, as I made ALL KINDS of mistakes, wasting my bananas, eggs, tigernut flour, etx. (side note: please stay away from coconut flour and milk for pancakes especially as it is SUPER ABSORBENT and so will finish all your eggs and yet will not ‘form’).

I used to feel so bad at wasting, but I had to tell myself that I was learning ways NOT TO, and then I also found ways to sort of ‘pay back’ for my mistakes, e.g., when I saw how much eggs I wasted, I decided personally not to have eggs for some times so I don’t have to go and buy more before the time for shopping. Then now, I also know that everything wont work out the first time so I am a bit more flexible in my budgetary allocation for mistakes.

Fun story: this morning, I made pancakes for the boys with so much confidence and no time or batter wasted. Before, I would make AND PLAN an alternative just in case it didn’t work out well (almost always the case), or the boys didn’t like it cos it tasted funny (so painful). but with a ton of practice, I can now make my super healthy, no-sugar, no-white-flour yet yummy fluffy pancakes.

4. Don’t Invest In Unsustainable Swaps.

Sooooo key, because some of us start what we cannot finish. You make cauliflower rice, broccoli stir fry, and so on, because you saw your fave FitFam coach did same.

You forget that she probably didn’t start the same way, or she lives in a country where these things are available and accessible with ease, unlike in Nigeria.

When I spoke about taking pasta off the menu at home, a friend suggested these green edamame pasta or so, and I politely declined because I knew it was not a wise investment of my money (it is expensive), and even if I can afford it, I don’t think I want to keep doing so LONG TERM.

My thing is, if I cant BULK-PURCHASE a thing so it is cheaper, I leave it. Which is why it was easy for me to rid my home of white rice; I could buy brown rice in bulk and even bags from the open market, so I didn’t have to depend on packaged and store-bought brown rice that wasn’t sustainable.

Because I am on this journey FOR LIFE, I have to make sure I am making changes that I can sustain FOR LIFE TOO easily.

Fun fact: I have learned so much by God’s grace on how to make these healthy upgrades no matter your budget and with our new program WHICH I AM SO THANKFUL FOR AND EXCITED ABOUT, I will be holding your hands through it all. No pressure, NO RUSH, just results with a lot of JOY and FUN!!!


I saved the BEST for last. People underestimate how HARD the switch to a healthy lifestyle can be, especially when all our lives, we have been schooled in JUNK, literally!!!

I don’t!!!

I literally ask God to help me daily.
I ask Him to give me a taste for the healthy stuff and make my tongue have a distaste for JUNK.
I ask Him to help my family actually ENJOY the healthy food I give them, especially when I have made a swap (my kids ACTUALLY take the time to tell me my food is SO YUMMY, and my husband too would say how all my meals these days are made with SO MUCH LOVE and are always a HIT, and this is me that has taken away white rice, sugar, dairy for the kids, and seasoning cubes, YET… #Prayers)
I ask Him to give me the strength to workout
I ask Him for SECRETS and knowledge of WITTY INVENTIONS so I can help others who are not like me.

I ask Him to help my Clients accept this lifestyle and not close their minds without even trying, or push back foolishly (that is a lack of spiritual sense and obedience).

I pray and pray and pray because I know that…

1 Sam 2 v 9 MSG No one makes it in this life by sheer muscle!

John 15 v 5b NLT  For apart from me you can do nothing.

So, let’s ask for HELP, Saints, and stop being a cross between DISOBEDIENT and FOOLISH.

Ah, so which of these tips will you be starting off with, or did you find most helpful?

And which other tips can you share for the rest of us reading this?

And finally, don’t forget to share. Let’s combat JUNK and UNHEALTHY EATING together so that we can stay STRONG ENOUGH for everyhing God would have us do on earth.

I will love to hear back from you, so be generous with your comments
And I will share MORE on our new program as time goes on. We are still cooking hehe

With all my Love
#JesusGirl CoachE’

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  1. Thanks alot for the knowledge share, God bless you immensely. I have tried the #PANAKARA BEFORE. It is lovely, you can also eliminate the eggs to make it vegan friendly by using psyllium husk as the binder .

    Also I have used Rolled oat meal flour, wheat flour, unripe plantain flour, beans flour, Halve ripe plantain blended, sweet potatoes boiled and mashed, potato flakes to make pancakes for my kids, It all came out well. Also I make the mixtures overnight sometimes to make it settle well, a thrick from my Russian friend.

    1. Hey Sis
      See how you just dropped GOLD like that

      I’ll try them ooo

      Yes I use oats with my tigernut mostly
      Also ripe plantain

      These are really helpful
      Thanks for sharing Catherine

  2. Wow Coach E, you know how I feel about how God has just blessed you with witty inventions and how I love how you’ve shared it with us. All the pointers have blessed me so much but I sooooo love the last key point!!! Pray!!!! I do this with my transaction journey but I have now picked up the prayer of completely disliking junk food!!! I love that prayer point. God bless you always. Xx

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