I go about with my antennas UP searching for solutions to this junk and crappy eating pandemic. Even though I was at a Business Meet and Greet at my church, Daystar, one of the speakers said something in response to a Q that was asked him, and bam, I was inspired to create this blog post. By the end of it, you will make some solid decisions that your health (and kids’ health) will thank you for!

You’re welcome!

For the past, maybe 6months, I have been truly burdened with how to HELP Jesus Girls be and look healthier, while also making the healthy living a choice that’s equal option, accessible and affordable for all. I also am genuinely bothered when I see overweight kids, overweight parents, and then wastage of money on JUNK FOOD as part of any family’s normal diet and kid’s lunch boxes. I especially fear, not just for now, but especially for the future, because there is a LOOMING HEALTH CRISIS that will take the world by storm, and drugs alone will be unable to help, and food will be needed as a very vital intervention. However, those of us that have taken/are taking a PROACTIVE approach to build a FOR-PURPOSE body will be as safe as the few who found themselves in Noah’s Ark when the floods came. 

Many days, the battle seems too much for me because unhealthy choices are just everywhere, but it also pushes me to both my knees in prayers and the drawing board to work, so I can come up with solutions and interventions. What this means is that I keep my radar open for when answers and solutions come to me. One of such moments was at Daystar Business Forum Meet and Greet that held on Sunday, February 19, 2023. 

I must have annoyed everyone on my table! Rather than taking my notes quietly, I kept on saying ‘Oh my gosh, so true, WOW’ and so on. A particular session was giving me all the vibes because for me, it held some really good answers.

Currently in Nigeria today (February 2023), the inflation rate is over 20%

We are now in an election season, and the Top 3 candidates are all proposing to remove fuel subsidies.

While this is really what the country’s economy needs in the LONG TERM, this holds potential for immense hardship in the short term. Speaking of figures, economic experts project that if this happens, inflation rate may shoot up to 50% by June 2023!


And what do we know about inflationary rates, even in layman’s terms?

The number one indicator of inflation is PRICE OF FOOD!

So food prices will MORE THAN DOUBLE!

And exchange rate will also shoot up!

Like it wasn’t tough enough.

If we are going to spend MORE to feed ourselves, this means that there naturally would be LESS to spend on other things. 

Let me give you TWO reasons to PLEASE skip the JUNK and start eating healthy NOW!

  1. Healthy eating costs LESS than crappy eating!

Most junk/processed foods (both raw material and finished goods) are imported elements.

With the exchange rate bound to increase, and value of naira continuing to depreciate, you will spend much more to buy CRAP!

Let me break it down… 

Biscuits, sugary drinks, pizza, and ice-cream, will still cost MORE than apples, bananas, pineapples and seasonal fruits (mangoes, guavas, etx).

Cereals, Pancake mixes, and any other ‘foods in a can/box’ will cost MORE than rice, beans, potatoes, and plantain!

Simply put, it will save you a TOSH LOAD of money to feed your kids and yourself HEALTHIER!

Cut the crap and watch your food budget decrease, and you have more to save, give, and invest in other things that matter!

  1. You CANNOT afford the true cost of CRAPPY EATING!

Ok, let’s say you are rolling in dough and no matter how much these ‘fancy foods’ get, you can afford it! 

But really, can you?

Because the impact of unhealthy foods goes beyond your wallet which we can see, to your health which we cannot see.

Let me tell you something about your beautiful body, that is the Temple of God!

It is created POWERFUL and STRONG, able to ward off sicknesses and diseases without you even trying to.

It’s the most complex, sophisticated, complicated machine ever!

I thank you, God, for making me so mysteriously complex! Everything you do is marvelously breathtaking. It simply amazes me to think about it! !

Psalms 139:14 TPT

Originally, sickness has NOTHING on you!

But, when you consistently consume unhealthy food habitually, you increasingly weaken this machine’s ability to carry you through your life’s purpose daily.

That is when any sickness that comes takes us out.

That’s most likely why we find ourselves in and out of the hospital for ourselves or our kids everytime.

So, no my Darling, you cannot afford CRAPPY eating.

Your wallet may be able to afford it BUT…

Your health cannot afford it!

Your Purpose and Assignment on earth cannot afford it!

Your child/children’s bodies cannot afford it!


Why use your money (God’s money) to buy sickness?

And listen, if it seems like all is well NOW, even though you are throwing down big time on crappy eating, frankly you should be MORE afraid

Because your BODY keeps an ACCURATE RECORD of everything you feed it (and how you treat it generally), so like I mentioned during my LIVE Buh-bye stock cubes sessions (which you can access HERE) , whether now or later, for every choice made, consequences are sure to be paid!

So in a way, it is even better that we see the consequences immediately and adjust accordingly, instead of seemingly getting by with bad behavior, and then one day, you get a cancer diagnosis, or a heart attack!

PS: Saying ‘God forbid’ is NOT A STRATEGY!

Listen, we must posture well for what’s coming, a GLOBAL HEALTH CRISIS!

And then, all the inflation rate increase that’s expected around (most of) the world, and especially at home in Nigeria!

That it was not raining when Noah built the ark, didn’t mean that the rain would not come!

And when it did finally come, Noah and his family were safe in the ark!

As a Mom especially, and even woman even if not a mom yet, you have a responsibility to create a SAFE PLACE in your home (and kitchen) for your family, and that starts with your own choices!

I like the way the writer of Hebrews warns us

We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.

Hebrews 2:1 NIV

And if you need help as an Individual, whether you already are dealing with a health/weight challenge, or you want to take a PROACTIVE approach as a Jesus Girl to build your For-Purpose Body and are able to and ready to INVEST in professional coaching that’s grounded in Christian faith, then I am your girl.

Check out my one-on-one premium coaching and see how we can work together!

And if you only need a Nutrition Plan, go here and get started

Speak soon!


Your Health Coach!


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