Wow Coach, I didn’t expect to see RICE, etx in my meal plan.

Can I eat swallow and lose weight?

Please let me eat my last bread before the coaching starts

These and more are some of the words I hear from the women I coached in the past, as they assume that getting on board a healthy lifestyle means goodbye to all our staples and local food. Knowledge is power and a propeller, so if you have been slacking when it comes to getting your health and life together, then this post will both enlighten you, then propel you into action.

N.B This post was first published on this blog in November 2021.

Let’s share five (of the many) foods that we thought were the enemies (of weight loss), but really aren’t.

Hey Citizen,

The first thing I want to say before jumping into this post is that no food in itself is really bad. Yes, all foods are not equal, and frankly, some things we call ‘food’ are not food at all .

But what really is the enemy is our relationship with them; as in our:

Frequency of consumption

Quality of food (e.g processed and whole)

Mode of preparation


Portion we consume!!!

Once we learn that some foods are good to have daily, some once a week, and others on special occasions, we can coast through this life of wholeness and truly sustain the results that we have. Now here are five foods that have been unfairly getting a bad rap


This has earned its place as a solid number 1 because it is the most vilified. We just assume that once the goal is ‘weight loss’ , rice has to leave the building.

That is false false false, and frankly, you can eat rice daily and still lose enough weight or maintain your ideal weight. While brown rice is preferred for the nutritional value it holds, the right relationship with white rice will not hurt your journey.

A good Coach can create a winning plan for you that doesn’t have to exclude rice. You can speak to us if you need one.

WhatsApp number; 09055868614


2. Swallow

Another one with such a bad reputation in weight loss land haha. In fact, this one is so HUGE I had to do a video on it sharing some AMAZING swallows we don’t have to leave out of our journey to wholeness, if you and swallows have a great relationship.

Swallow for Fitfam? Yes, please. 5 Options here.

Stating again that your Nutrition plan doesn’t have to exclude swallow and that is part of what we do as we create customized plans for our Citizens at Jesus Girls’ Nation.

3. Popcorn

Oh, this amazing snack that should be a part of our family diet especially as it works for both kids and adults, always gets a bad rap. Let me state here clearly that if you are adding sugar to your popcorn, and consuming a lot, then there is a problem. This is usually the case with movie popcorn and microwave popcorn.

But if you are popping your corn at home, then please feel free to make that an occasional treat.

I learned how to make my home made popcorn, which I sweeten with honey.

You can also learn how to right here


I recently learned to make my own healthy bread at home, which is SO EASY it is unbelievable, and we have it two or three times a week.

But even if you are STILL having white bread, all you need do is watch your portion, the frequency of consumption, and then pair it with the right foods (we give all those tips in our coaching programs), then we can enjoy our bread without hurting our waist line.

Let me state clearly here that white bread is not the healthiest of foods, so you should have a plan to reduce to eliminate and fine healthier alternatives, made with oats, or any other plant-based healthy flour

But even while on that journey, you can have white bread and still lose weight.

5. Nuts

Nuts can be highly calorific and so fattening, especially our dearly beloved and highly addictive groundnut. Yes. But it still doesn’t have to be excluded from our diet just because we want to lose weightNuts are a healthy source of fat, and so we must consume it but in moderation.

Again, how you consume it is so key, for example, some nuts are higher in calories than the others ( for example, groundnut is higher than cashew nut which is higher than almond nuts), and boiled groundnut is lower in calories than the fried groundnut, which is lower in calories than the coated peanuts we have.

So knowledge is a game changer, and that is one thing we can help you achieve on our wholeness plans.

Ok, so here you go with five of these foods.

It’s not the food, it’s our relationship with it, and I hope this propels you to cast that vote for your health and start to do better.

And don’t forget to check out the video on 5 great swallow options here

If you would like to drop a comment, I would love to read from you, especially if you have more foods to add to this in-exhaustive list.

Cheers to your BEST LIFE of wholeness.

Your Wellness Apostle and Coach

Eziaha (CoachE’)


I have two other blogs where I share faith based content. And content on family life and thriving as a domestic queen.  On my YouTube channel, I also talk about faith, family and fitness

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