As 2021 winds down, it is time to take stock of how the year went and make some resolutions into 2022.

Yes, I still believe in resolutions. We all should. In this blog though, I am sharing a few fit-fam and coaching wins WE had from 2021. I say WE, because a win for one is a possibility for everyone else.


Time to brag!!!




Hello Wholeness Citizen,


I am so excited about 2021 because so many things I considered impossible have now been done and dusted. I came into the year embracing minimalism and wanted to bring that into fitfam too, and I’m thankful for success.


I am sharing my wins to first help you believe that your own dreams can become your wins too, and also to help you make some resolutions into 2022, if you may


I also have a new YouTube video that covers my top 5 wins of 2021 from my family, faith, leadership and of course, health and fitness.


So here we go with 5 #FitfamAndMinimalist wins from 2021



  1. Letting go of the microwave!!!




Ah, it was February 2021 when I decided to wean myself off the microwave, and I took it out of my counter top and into the store. It was my husband who bought it and he said I should not give it out, if not I would have given it out.

I recall a friend of mine telling me that they had gotten rid of their microwave at home in 2019, and I thought I could NEVER do same.

Now look at me, almost a year later, thriving without the microwave.


What’s bad about a microwave you may ask?

Well, I will let you google.


Has it been challenging?

Well, it did involve some planning ahead and a few frustrating moments when I would forget to bring out a certain food until I was ready to use it and it would be stone cold, but after some time, I got used to thinking and planning ahead.


Now, I literally can’t imagine what a microwave would ever do for me.

It is literally USELESS.



And guess what? I now saw many more women who didn’t have or use a microwave once I got on to that groove. I am not even as different as I thought lol.



2. No more WHITE FLOUR!!!





This is another MAJOR win for me at home. What????!!!!


We completely eradicated white rice, white bread, white pasta and white flours in general, including semovita and the likes, replacing them with tigernut flour, coconut flour and oats flour.


We started to eat ofada/brown rice and we eliminated pasta completely as I am yet to see a whole grain pasta.


We didn’t do it all at once. Rice was the first and easiest, then flour for pancake, which was the HARDEST as replacing white flour for pancake is diceyyyyyyy, especially when it comes to binding.





Anyways, we did it and now, it’s healthy and plant based flour all the way, at home.



3. I started to BAKE!!!!

Yes. Eziaha. The completely ignorant of anything baking now bakes her own bread at home.

We also bake cakes, muffins and cookies, using the same flours above.





And they are not just healthy but super yum too.




All these tips and all I share only with moms in the A BETTER LEGACY course, as I truly know that what is possible for me is also possible for EVERY MOM!!!



4. Plant-based milk

Another one that was dicey because milk is such a big deal and so easy to buy and drink, but making your own milk is a whole ‘noda hassle, though it honestly gets easier the more you do.


So now, with my kids, we left off dairy, and my major reason being that milk is just laden with a lot of sugar and I didn’t want that for us anymore.

My husband still takes cow’s milk, but I am sure 2022 is the year he sees the light haha.


We replaced cow’s milk with tigernut milk and coconut milk, and in the past, I would make a huge batch and freeze, but today, it is easier for me to make a fresh batch almost anytime I need it, because it is now so much easier to make.


5. Pivoting our coaching business

So, yes in October 2021, I finally pulled the carpet on how we used to coach and introduced a whole new coaching style, and even changed the name of the business from CoachE’Squad to Jesus Girls’ Nation!!!





And we introduced brand new, future-forward coaching programs like ChaYAH Wholeness, A BETTER legacy and we have a few more coming.







I did a YT video here with details on why we pivoted and even though it did cost me money as I had to refund long term clients whose programs were extended beyond our cut off date, and also be in the ‘kitchen’ cooking it up for a while, without exactly offering it, I felt so much peace at the whole thing, and right now, I am glad I made that decision!!!


I look forward to even more sustained results from the amazing Citizens I get to coach in the Jesus Girls’ Nation.


And as a new year calls, I know you will have some resolutions for your life and health. When it comes to fitness and wholeness, it is my JOY to work with you so you too can win and share them at the end of the year


You can sign up for any of our programs here



ChaYAH Wholeness; Your Premium Lifestyle Overhaul and Upgrade





Ok, like I said, on my YouTube channel, I share 5 major wins from 2021, beyond fitness, and you can check it out here


2021; My TOP 5 Wins


Cheers to your wholeness,




I wrote about my wins in the domestic front on my blog for stay-home-moms. Check it out here.



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