My introduction to and subsequent love for Intermittent Fasting

Gosh, yet another weight loss fad, promising everything from possible to downright ridiculous… I was especially miffed at the ‘You don’t have to change WHAT you eat, only WHEN you eat’ doctrine it was selling.

Dang!!! While this ‘no-rules’ thing appealed to a lot of people, it repelled me so I stayed away. I do believe that weight loss and a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable requires discipline so I put IF right there with those funny weight loss pills, shakes and teas.

In the trash!!!

Well until one of my editors suggested I write on it and my research completely peaked my interest and I found myself doing it personally from June right up until now, and should continue for a long time if not forever.

That whole experience, including a better understanding of my body, increased metabolism, fat loss, more defined muscles and about 10kg off the scale birthed this new found but real love for intermittent fasting

The edge for Jesus girls

I actually don’t just consider Intermittent fasting a program but a solution!!! First, I consider it God’s answer to His daughters looking to lose weight and gain some discipline. It is like a two for the price of one…

A combo of willpower which the world prescribes for IF and God-power which is really what we need as Jesus girls and then bam, results, both physical and spiritual

So while the world is about IF to change the way you look in the physical, put a Jesus girl on IF and she also changes the way she sees in the spiritual ‘


Here. For. It!!!

Also being a disciple is a lot of work just going about the Father’s business and one thing we don’t want to be distracting us is FOOD!!! For most of us, the standard three square meals (not bad in itself) can be a bit of a hassle at best and distraction at worst from our God-Given assignments. So we take that and put it in its place where it serves us and not hinders us.

I love that this program gives just enough time to food and NO MORE. The food you eat in your limited ‘feast window’ gives you the energy you need to power through your day including the fast hours and you can be about the Father’s business.

I actually recall that I had a white boss when I worked in the United Nations who never ate at work. He would say he had a huge breakfast and then would have a late dinner when home. Now that I think of it, he was probably doing the intermittent fasting.

How does it work?

While IF is not the world’s solution to poverty, hunger and obesity, it sure does rock. Let your girl break it down

So instead of eating the conventional three square meals a day, which is still OK, you get a window or time frame where you eat, which could be anything from 4 hours (for the ninjas haha) to typically 8 hours during which you can eat. Then you have what is called a fast window during which you are not allowed to eat any calorie containing food or drink, but you can have water, teas, and black coffee.

So you see stuff like 16:8 which is the most popular. You eat for 8hours (not literally of course) and fast for 16hours. So say, you start to eat at 9am, your last meal will be at 5pm after which you eat nothing again till 9am the next day. I am personally more comfortable with the 16:8 fast where I fast for 18 hours instead and eat within 6hours. You can choose any time that works for you, and also change it if you need to.

The idea is that if you starve the body long enough to the point where it is no longer processing a meal (the fasted state), the body starts to burn fat even more efficiently than when it is in the fed state (of processing food and junk). You enter that fasted state only 12 hours after your last meal which is why you have to fast for at least 16hours and the longer the fast the better the fat burning

However, please don’t think you can eat anything and still lose weight. It is as much the timings as it is the quality and portion of what you eat. A lot of disaster can happen in the 8hours of feasting of course.

There is more detail here in this LOSE to GAIN post

What’s there to lose?

FAT and especially belly fat. IF has also proven to reduce the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol (though more studies are needed for this). And hey, how about losing INDISCIPLINE???

What’s there to gain?

IF gives you that amazing keystone habit that impacts everything else… Discipline and yawl KNOW disciples have discipline.

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should…. 1 Cor 9 v 27a

And to discipline, we add the more physical/tangible results like improved metabolism (which is very key especially as we grow older), more defined muscles (so long as we also strength train as we fast) and more.

While it may hard to get a grasp of at first (and there are ways I help my Squaddies ease into it), you soon get a grip and like me, it just may become your new normal.

Oh and don’t forget the spiritual gains which frankly are almost endless depending on what you are believing for.

Clarity is one thing that fasting helps us achieve, and IF also gives us a hold on practicing intentional hunger which frankly is the antidote to emotional eating once you have trained your body to this

Don’t fall for this mistake

It is OK to have more than one reason for intermittent fasting and we are not going to deny or downplay any of the reasons if it is your reality. It is OK to admit that you are ALSO doing this for weight loss. The spiritual can exist comfortably with the aesthetic. They are not mutually exclusive. God cares about how you look too. In fact, the aesthetic  can be the primary reason you even decided to do it girl, but since CoachE’ is here talking about Jesus girls and all the trimmings it brings us too, you are also here for it.

What I am doing with a fitness fad is make it holy unto the Lord.

So yes you lose weight in the physical and gain much more in the spiritual.

However, I have MORE gist on IF especially for those of us considering this as a lifestyle going forward

1. Don’t join if…

2. Slight modification for chicks

3. Combining the Daniel Fast with Intermittent Fasting (I share my personal experience)

4. Autophagy (this one is a winner haha)

5. A few tips to get the best out of IF

So drop a comment below (sorry, we are longer giving this out, for now) and I will send you my Intermittent Fasting Scroll with even more details for those of us looking to create a lifestyle of it. This stuff is premium something I am giving out for free.

You are welcome.

And finally, yay, I have a WHOLE squad on IF you want to jump right into if you want to give this a good consideration and need me to coach you through it. I amactually calling it a SOLUTION!!!

Gosh, LOSE to GAIN is going to be FIRE and I cannot wait to unleash the full gamut of all my learnings both in the professional world and the school of the Holy Spirit.

I did a whole detailed post on it here sharing my own results from it, so click the link and go get all the details AND sign up for either the first or second Squad for the year.

Phew!!! Exciting times ahead for Jesus girls.

We are #BringingHealthyBack one healthy woman at a time.

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