Dietary tips to fight HIGH CHOLESTEROL

Hey Squad, In recent times, I have seen an upsurge in medical challenges that involve high cholesterol issues in Nigerians even from their 30s. Male and female alike, its crazy. And super dangerous. So more people are asking me for meal plans to help reduce it, as this is now Doctor’s orders. What this means […]

CoachE’s FORTIFIED Noodles… A Recipe

Fortified Noodles: A recipe When I think of my relationship with noodles about 2 years ago, I believe even more in the miracle working power of Christ. Noodles was my BEST meal. I could eat it twice aa day every day. After I had my first son, they asked what I wanted to eat (cos […]

How to eat RICE EVERYDAY and lose weight.

First of all, let me just say that I am no fan of rice. I can go a whole month without tasting rice. It is not one of my fave grains but as a Naija woman with a family to feed, rice features twice on our weekly plan… Sunday afternoon (you should be arrested if […]

Don’t join the KETO DIET if…

During our Monday Staff meeting this week, my Team Banah (Hebrew for Builders) talked briefly about Cholesterol and somehow, talk drifted into the Keto diet. I am going to keep this post as non-technical as possible because I am NO solid authority on Keto, especially when it comes to the practical aspect. I have never […]