5 Foods we thought were the Enemy (but are not)

Wow Coach, I didn’t expect to see RICE, etx in my meal plan. Can I eat swallow and lose weight? Please let me eat my last bread before the coaching starts These and more are some of the words I hear from the women I coached in the past, as they assume that getting on […]

The FAT problem with FREE food!!!

When you’ve been invited to dine with a very important leader, consider your manners and keep in mind whom you’re with. Be careful to curb your appetite and catch yourself before you fall into the trap of wanting all you see. Don’t crave their delicacies, for they may have another motive in having you sit […]

Always hungry? Here are 5 ways to FIGHT IT!!!

Challenging the urge to eat can be a huge deal. For some, every day issa battle and mostly a losing one, which of course erodes our self confidence and decreases the urge to even keep fighting. Then we give up, and our weight keeps climbing and climbing till it starts to affect our health. Here […]

[Guest Post] CSL’s QueenO shares some FitFam tips for the Yuletide season

Hey Fitfam, Your darling OCQ, Queen O is here again.?????. December is finally here and Christmas is just around the corner! ?????? This year has been eventful but there still so much to be thankful and excited for. My kids can’t wait to see the special Christmas Decorations for this year and I’m hoping to […]

3 ways #JesusGirls navigate Liquid calories (Recipes included)

Hey fitfam #JesusGirl Mondays are one of my fave days of the week. Yes, it comes work heavy, but I also see it as another opportunity to rock out my life in all of its ramifications to the glo… As a wife, mom, #JesusGirlsFitness Coach, mentor, leader, friend and all. New week, what is there […]

The B.A.D of Deep frying ❌?

Since I am coming for all your fried foods, I figured I would start with two stories I was on the world’s immediate source of breaking news TWITTER sometime last year, and as was my custom, I would go through the tweets of those Twitter Doctors giving us correct free and valuable info. Don’t recall […]

Picky eater, or lazy Mom?

So, this topic came to me as I did the dishes today and was washing school lunch boxes and house lunch plates, from foods my kids used to be picky about. I was just laughing. I didn’t wanna change the topic because I believe God would have you be shocked by this truth. We live […]

3 easy hacks to help you EAT LESS

Hey Fit-Squad, I hope we are crushing our fitfam 2019 goals. I did this amazing post on The Lady’s room website where I shared a few tips to ensure your goals are achieved. Find it here. But this is not why we are here. To lose weight, you MUST watch your portions. That’s the BIG […]

#CoachE’Kids; Dietary guide to Strong bones & Stronger kids

Hey Moms, Can I just tell you how EXTRA I am? Lol The time was past 2am and I was working through my to-do lists, and what I was tackling at the time was Nutritional supplements for kids. You see, this year, I had made a very conscious decision to really invest my time in […]

Dietary tips to fight HIGH CHOLESTEROL

Hey Squad, In recent times, I have seen an upsurge in medical challenges that involve high cholesterol issues in Nigerians even from their 30s. Male and female alike, its crazy. And super dangerous. So more people are asking me for meal plans to help reduce it, as this is now Doctor’s orders. What this means […]