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My Top 10 Fitfam Faves & Nays

Hey Lovely FitFam

It is bursting with colors and roses on this side, what with the rollercoaster January is looking like, but I am being intentional about keeping Jesus at the center of it all. 

I pray you are too.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my fitfam faves and Nays, plus my whys.

Shall we?


  1. On workouts

Ah, even though I love strength training, I have to choose cardio as my fave. I love anything that gets me breathless. Now, I love to run and that just gets me sometimes from a resting heart rate of 70 – 80BPM to between 140-160bpm. I love to skip too. I love Jillian Michaels Pure Cardio. I love cardio dances. I love cardio HIIT.

Cardio Cardio Cardio. 

On days where the pace is sort of slow at my gym aerobics, I have been known to walk out and do something more intense inside the gym.

For Nays, it would have to be yoga. Lol. We have a yoga day in the gym and I just think it is a waste of my time. Funny you still sweat and feel it, but my love for intense makes yoga a no-no

2. On Food

Ah my fave food used to be eggs with veggies oh, but this year, I am about 90% leaving animal protein behind, so I do eggs of no more than 2 – 3 a week, though I skip it many times. Now, my fave would be any dish that allows me to add tons and tons of colorful, flavorful veggies into it. If it lets me burst it with colors, I am here for it.

By veggies I mean carrots, sweet peppers in all the colors, celery, kale, spring onions, etx. So rice, couscous, pasta, etx, so far I burst that whole thing with colors, and YES PLEASE!!!

Least fave would be green leafy veggies eaten alone. Funny it features on a lot of CSL Nutrition Plans and I eat it when I have to, but I really don’t like it. 

3. On Fruits

Easy peasy. My fave would be anything that has a ton of juice, so watermelon and oranges would have to win. They have to be juicy though. If I open and it is dry, I am so sad lol. So far, I seem to be winning on both ends

Least fave would be apples and carrots. I would take them in a mix, say smoothies or salads, but I don’t fancy eating them alone. That said, I probably eat carrots every day, and apples very often. Just hardly ever alone

4. On Vegetables

I really love kale, celery, and Lettuce. I almost always have them in my fridge and enjoy it in a salad.

I cannot say I hate cucumbers, but I find myself eating less of it especially in salads and stir fry’s, because there are so many alternatives. For example, today is January 14, and I have had a medium size cucumber in my fridge since about December 22. I have eaten less than a 1/3rd of it despite eating a salad almost daily.

5. On Treats

Ice cream all the way. With this my ‘no animal protein’ life, especially because I truly cut off dairy, I don’t know what I will replace it with. Maybe cakes. Decadent carrot cake, and thankful I have a plug for that

Least fave treat? I don’t know. Since it is a treat, I guess I don’t even have to look at anything I don’t like

6. On Fitness Quotes

I really really REALLY love this quote on Motivation and Discipline. It remains my BEST.

You will never always be motivated, you have to learn to be disciplined

My least would be any nonsense that makes it look like weight loss especially is easy, or you never have to deprive yourself of anything to lose weight.

Lies and more lies.

Weight loss would require restraint and deprivation, please. Not of nutrients or calories, but deprivation that has to do with our quantities and quality of food.

7. On Fitness Trainer

I really love Jillian Michaels and Keaira LeShea

Hard to pick a least fave. Maybe those men who do only strength training, which thankfully I don’t have to deal with.

8. On Fitness Hero/Inspiration

I have to pick three, please. It is only fair.

In this order, very easily my Gmama Joyce Meyer, and my HERO, Christine Caine, and my sister girl Heather Lindsey.

All in America, where my heart really is.

I love that at 76, Joyce is STILL. GOING. STRONG. She literally has a spring in her steps. Phew.

Christine Caine has energy for days and I love that she knows that keeping fit is so key to doing the intense work for God she has to do.

Heather being a woman in my generation and in the throes of life at home like me, raising kids, running businesses and ministry, and yet making sure she leads a healthy lifestyle is such a major inspiration for me. 

I love her extra for her family. Love love love all three.

Nays would be people who really look good and have banging bodies, but are all about the aesthetics of it. No deeper reason for fitness.

9. On Blogs/Websites

Ah, I really love Healthline and WebMD.

I don’t have a least fave, lol

10. On YouTube

Without a doubt, NUMBER ONE would be EatMoveRest

Gosh, I love that couple and they have really been a major inspiration in my almost vegan lifestyle. Plus they are faith based too. Yay!!!

I don’t like channels that make fitfam all about aesthetics only

Ok, that is all.

My top ten fitness faves and Nays.

Hope you enjoyed this. Please share link with your friends and also let me know in the comment section your own faves and least faves

Love & Prayers



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