A diet changes the way you look, a fast changes the way you see…

Lisa Bevere

I just have one more thing to add to that LB quote above

With Intermittent Fasting, you can have both…

Say hello to God’s answer to Jesus Girls haha
Intermittent Fasting (IF)

And my breakthrough SOLUTION; LOSE TO GAIN!!!

First, let me share my intro to IF

Sometime in June, I had gained weight. About 12 to 14kg more than my normal.

I had also planned to lose it with a Squad I had starting in July so I wasn’t really bothered. Then I had to study and write on IF for a website I contribute to so that peaked my interest and I decided that instead of just losing weight on a diet, I would combine IF with it as I also felt like I needed to fast.

Like, really fast. I actually hate to fast but I had just turned 33 and I felt the Lord calling me higher and deeper so that fast was also to position me.

I kept on doing a ton of research and then opted for the 18/6 method meaning I fast for 18hours and eat within 6hours. The plan was to do it for a couple weeks, say 4 weeks but I enjoyed the freedom the lifestyle provided me so much that I decided that going forward, I would go the IF route, at least 70 to 80% of the time. Plus not only did I lose ALL the weight, because I really turned to Lord in prayers and consecration, I saw my spiritual life sharpen. Specifically, I started to operate in the realm of prophetic dreams and visions, both for myself and for my friends.

Another thing IF helped me achieve was a real killing of my flesh. While I can’t say I am a foodie, I realized that I am the one to pop food a lot into my mouth every time, even if healthy stuff. Because IF demands that your fasting period is completely calorie free, I learned another level of discipline.

And then since I was already on this fasted lifestyle, I decided to try out a 36hour fast. Phew. I thought I would die but I made it haha.

Afterwards, I decided I would do the 72hour fast. That is 3 days and really, while for the spiritual, I really was looking to gain more control over my flesh and sharpen the spiritual, in the fitness world, this fast is called AUTOPHAGY which is like a body reset after between 24 to 72 hours of fasting

(Sign up for my IF scroll as I have more info on Autophagy there).

This ‘self-cannibalism’ the body goes through in those fasted hours helps clean out unwanted cellular materials and allows for the growth of new ones. It is EPIC and so when I did it combined with prayers, phew I knew I had gained more than a cellular upgrade

IF has really been a gift to me. Discipline in my food and flesh has really impacted discipline in other areas of my life and right now, I am on an Intermittent Daniel Fast (IDF) haha, and I am loving it.

(More gist on IDF in the scroll too so sign up here)

I hear a lot of Jesus girls tell me in recent times how they seem to be struggling with their diet and discipline and I believe LOSE TO GAIN is truly a SOLUTION.

What would you get in this solution?

Gosh, a lot. I have built it in such a way that you get to choose from a variety of IF programs

Either the 14/10 or 16/8 or 18/6 program and even then, we have a strategy to ease you into it.

Then we have the most optimal meals for anyone looking to especially lose weight during the fast, including what we are calling ‘The First fruit’. If you have any food allergies, we are happy to take that into consideration as we create your plan

Somewhere on the journey, you encounter THE ELIJAH FEAST and then AUTOPHAGY, and trust me, we have the perfect hack to ensure that you survive it lol

Oh and don’t forget workouts; IF demands some specific routines and we are creating original ones just for LOSE TO GAIN. Of course, you can do it from home and get amazing results

If you would love the IDF that is intermittent Daniel fast, we would find the best way to incorporate that for you after an assessment cos frankly, it’s not the easiest.

In our camps, which is what we are calling the whatsapp groups, we would have smaller accountability groups to help keep you even more accountable as you share your goal and desires from the fast. Oh don’t forget that we also will have confessions and prayers cos hey, we are putting Jesus right on a Diet.

It is going to be like a WHOLE Jesus party right here, this LOSE TO GAIN.

You will lose physical weight, and then gain spiritual weight, discipline and more in your spiritual life.

Oh and hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having weight loss as one of the goals. I have realized that sometimes we Jesus girls don’t wanna seem carnal by saying we are fasting to lose weight, but it is OK really. My intro to IF had weight loss AND the spiritual as the goal and they are not mutually exclusive. For me that keystone habit of DISCIPLINE was the koko and I really achieved it by the whole practicing intentional hunger that IF is really about and frankly it is a skill and discipline we Jesus girls aka Disciples need.

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should…. 1 Cor 9 v 27a

And food really is a tool in the hand of God for ministry and FOOD DISCIPLINE is one of the biggest things a lot of us have to conquer, and then we ride on that victory to conquer other things

Like my husband who has been a part of the whole fasting journey says to me, ‘Babes you have really conquered food ooo’ haha

What if weight loss is not your goal, you just want to simplify your life and lead a fasted life with minimal food windows? Plus hey, you too can do with some discipline too. Yes, we can modify the meals in such a way that your weight is maintained and your diet is a whole lot cleaner, so you also LOSE TO GAIN.

If you are trying to conceive pregnant or nursing, this solution is not for you sis. Please get the scroll here so you have a more robust view of IF, plus read my initial article on IF here

So the registration process for LOSE to GAIN is already open. You can join the first squad for Sept 8 or the second which starts October 20, both for 40days.

CoachE’Squad Ltd



It is N35, 000 OR $100

Then send a message with the name that paid, your email address and the Squad you want to join to or whatsapp 09055868614

We will send you a form and onboarding info and then we move from there.

If you want to pay in dollars, just holler at us and we will send details on how to proceed using Word remit or Western Union

Can’t wait to see you in CAMP!!! Let’s LOSE TO GAIN together

To your optimal self


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