Can I say it again? Happy New Year Jesus Girls’ hahaha. We are still in January 2024 so it still counts.

Over the weekend, I was catching up on emails from one of the FEW email Newsletters I am subscribed to when a link led me to an article on the New York Times on Workplace wellness programs not working.

I wasn’t even shocked.

As a Health Coach, honestly I get really upset by all these one-day or one-month inconsistent Wellness programs that companies will call me for, most times just to tick the box.

I mean, sometimes it is so knee-jerk that they call you today for a CWP (Corporate Wellness Program) especially when tomorrow is one ‘World Employee day’ or the likes! So you do aerobics, one 20min Health talk, and bam that’s it!


Then HR adds it to their Report that they had a Corporate Wellness Day. LOL.

I was on a knee-jerk (pun intended LOL) coaching call on Monday with one of my private Citizens. You see, she had some health issues and had been unavailable so the moment I caught her online, I blew up her phone LOL.

The long and short of it all was STRESS! And you could tell how frustrated she was by her rather unsustainable ‘work on-site daily’ work conditions what with the road construction going on in Lagos (third mainland bridge, I am looking at you). And I just thought about how a HOLISTIC Wellness program can actually bridge things like that in the workplace and how that will not only benefit the employees, but also the ‘Ogas’ and the business bottom-line as a whole. I mean she was UNHAPPY and was just on that verge of ‘I don’t care again’.

On a personal note, I am committed to building a company where everyone wins; myself, my Employees, the Citizens/Clients, and the society at large. I want to lead a JOYFULLY PRODUCTIVE workplace and by God’s grace, we are building just that.

(I and some employees of CoachE’ Nation)

I don’t even know why I am sharing this. This was not even part of the plan this week haha.

And when I say holistic Corporate Wellness Packages, there are a few things to consider. The last CWP project I worked on, I made a few things clear

It has to be long-term, (I thought a recurring 6-month contract was good but now I see we should be starting at 18months retainership) Comprehensive and well-integrated into the Organizational fabric (big English but that’s where my Expertise comes in) And most importantly, it must have Top-Management involvement and buy-in!

That’s just the starting point. Anything less will NOT work!


And if you work for an Organization that has an unhealthy culture and blase attitude to Employee wellness, then please take good care of yourself.

You owe that much to yourself, please.

And of course, to your kids.

Health and Wellness is not just a cool buzzword these days; it’s a matter of life and death. And life is not just that you are breathing but that you have the quality of life that is truly alive!

Eat Healthy please. Junk plus stress is just a KILLER!
Drink more water and less to no crap!
Make the time to exercise. There is no excuse for not exercising.

And if you need to lose weight, please do. FAT is UNHEALTHY. FAT legit kills.

But before you jump right ahead and hire a Coach, please watch this video where I share with you how best to navigate a weight loss coaching relationship

And then, of course there are some non-weight loss related stuff you need for this journey. In fact, with the best Coach, diet and exercise equipment, you most likely will not have success without these.

Check out that video here!

And of course, I have a group coaching and one-on-one coaching package if you need help and are ready for a long-term coaching with Forever Results.

That NYT article made me even happier with my choice to lay down all my 6week weight loss coaching programs and start only at 6months. I thought I would be SO BORED with a 6-month program BUT honestly, time is even flying and the way we are setting up this group coaching package, complete with accountability partners, is a whole party!

So when it comes to health and wellness, especially weight loss, please think long term,

And above all, please take care of yourself.

Truly, the world needs the sweet Gift that is you, and the gifts within that Gift!

Shalom Shalom

Your Health Coach,

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