So like yawl know, I write for The Guardian Nigeria and for The Lady’s room, and while I love writing for both, I love the absolute freedom writing for my own self gives. If you don’t know, every platform has its rules and regs which you must follow, so I am so thankful for this platform where I can truly write like ME!!!

And I particularly LOVE this article because here I get to bring in my faith unabashedly to my business. Whoop. So, let’s talk THREE THINGS TO DO IN THIRD TRIMESTER

  1. Prepare your Labor Playlist.

Whether you have a smooth or dramatic labor and delivery experience, it helps to have the atmosphere saturated with the presence of God and w=since you cannot exactly be blasting tongues or worshipping, you can have music playing. There are a gazillion songs to choose from BUT if you need some help, I highly recommend VICTORY BELONGS TO JESUS by Todd Dulaney and WE WILL NOT BE SHAKEN by Bethel Music. Ah, TY Bello, who by the way had some drama with the birth of her twin boys (they came earlier than expected) said she had WE WILL NOT BE SHAKEN on repeat as the medical reports were hitting her. Ah, I just love her. I did a blog on MY LABOUR PLAYLIST on my personal blog Check out that blog here


  1. Stay off Google

Ok so as we approach the home stretch, there is a tendency to wanna checkup any twinge on google. Knowledge is power you may think, but google is full of HORROR, FAITH KILLING stories, so approach with caution. I recommend speaking with your Doctor instead and often too. Leave google, except of course you truly feel like the Holy Spirit is prodding in that direction


  1. Grab a birth ball and get bouncing

Once you hit 32 weeks, you should be bouncing away, Infect, even to just sit, use the birth ball. Aside from helping your posture, it also opens up the pelvic area, and then the bouncing act helps the baby engage at the right time. So, feel free to replace the cushion with the birth ball from time to time. If you are tall like me, please go for the bigger ones. You knee should be at 90 degrees when you sit.  Of course, you need to check with your Doctor first. We don’t want you inducing labor naturally when the Doctor is trying to keep the baby in.


So, there you have it, three things to do in Third trimester

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