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From retraining taste buds, to overlooking junk and everything between, WINS Wins and more wins

Hey Fitfam
Happy happy Friday yawl
Your darling QueenO is here today and I’m bringing you gist as usual from inside CoachE’Squad in all variety
I hope you enjoy it all, let’s goo

I will be starting with some amazing face and clavicle transformation pictures from our Hugiano coaching squad. It’s amazing how younger you can look when fat melts off the face

Next I want to show you what some of our Squaddies have to say in terms of their private wins along their weight loss journey so far

My Private wins are: Portion control which is such a huge win for me. I can hardly finish the small portions any more. Also doing 100 crunches every day no matter how late or tired I am.

My Private wins are:
I am slowly getting rid of my lethargic lifestyle
🙏 and I have started having control over my incessant cravings and mindless eating

2.3kg down in 10days,mindful eating and bye bye to late night eating, C’mon 💃💃💃🏆

2.5kg down 💃💃2 inches off waist, hips and thigh🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️more discipline over junks , getting stronger and more endurance all in 10days🏆🏆🏆

At CSL, we believe strongly that Jesus is the center of all we do and without it we cannot truly achieve our weight loss goals. Hear what one of our Squaddies had to say about that too

My taste buds are getting used to salad without cream and I took an advice from the webinar that I have to include God in my weight loss journey

This 10day progress report has WINNN written all over it. Have a look

2kg down 👏👏victory over pastries and chocolate, hallelujah!!😁🙌 glowing skin, body and spine pain vanished 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️winnnnnnning all the way 💃💃💃

This Squaddie Private wins validates one of our care values which is Strength

Private wins: I have more strength, can workout for longer minutes unlike before. I’m also able to see junk and look the other way

1kg down, 0.9 inches off the waist in 10days and NO MORE menstrual cramps with the help of workouts 🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️💃💃👏

And this last Squaddie private wins just blew my mind! Enjoy

Private wins

I can do more challenging exercises and I’m amaze that I don’t get hungry as my body is adjusting to the portion. I’m drinking a lot of water. I sleep well now, I’m more rested I don’t wake up to urinate at night and I can do challenging exercises now .

It’s amazing that some clothes looks better on me now. From this update it may look like I’m not doing much but my clothes are telling me that I am coming down and this is just amazing for me and the whole process to reduce is not frustrating it’s something sustainable and enjoyable. So I hope to see more changes over the months thank you ma for this weight loss program.

Exciting right? I told you so

Being on the coaching squad at CSL helps you learn a whole lot of things about the Fitfam lifestyle and form great healthy friendships so let me show you some hilarious squad gists with profound lessons from this week

Haha. Today we worked out our arms at our daily workouts. It was REAL cos I made them have a lot of TUT that is Time Under Tension. We need to SNATCH THOSE ARMS from fat pls

Do you know you can also join us on YomGum to workout daily for that extra ginger and accountability for a token?

This is so hilarious😂😂 Osho free can spoil our journey. Which is why one day on our devotional, we shared on putting A KNIFE to your throat

Food cues are REAL. Could be the actual sighting of the food, the smell, or an experience that makes you wanna eat. That’s why we need to be high alert and proactive about those cues

Also 2 Squaddies shared their Testimony of how they overcame food temptations. Check them out

Squaddie TESTIMONY in da house!!💃💃 Temptations are real on this journey but most real is the power of discipline and positive confessions, yipeeeee

And another Squaddie testimony 💃🏼💃🏼

Finally let me grace your eyes with these body and tummy transformation pictures

Belly fat melting away steadily c💃💃 #JesusGirlsFitness

Spot the clear difference in the waist 🙌 JesusGirlFitness

So you see, our Squaddies didn’t come to play and they are n very intentional about bringing on their A-game along their weight loss journey.

And talking about Squaddies did you see our latest interview blog post. It’s all here

5 questions, 5 squaddies…..The weight loss journey so far

If you are looking out for something new, healthy and exciting for your children, we recently published this super yummy blog post where I talked about smoothies for your kids. Everything you need to know, especially if you are just starting, and want your kids to laaaaav it.

Getting your kids to Lov’&Roc’ Smoothies (My fave recipes included)

And for my extra special GDQs in da house, there’s a brand new blog post for you on where I talk about setting up your kids for success. It so practical that I’m sure you would get right down to it immediately after reading it

Set ‘em up to succeed

Relax, Faithfam people I didn’t leave you out 😁 I got something beautiful for you on too. It’s a “get to know you post” where I shared several things about me that you probably haven’t heard or seen before. You would love love and get ready to laugh too


That will be all for today people.

Have a splendid Weekend

With so much LOVE


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