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Getting your kids to Lov’&Roc’ Smoothies (My fave recipes included)

If you have ever wondered what kind of smoothie combination works for your kids, felt so overwhelmed and intimidated when it comes to making and introducing them to your kids, or worry that your kids will not enjoy it, then keep on reading. This post will, by God’s grace, hand you the wisdom and tools you need in a very practical way that you would start TODAY to bring your kids into the wonderful world of smoothies

As a FitFam mom, I do my best to give my kids fruits daily. They could be whole, as natural juices, or in a smoothie.
How do I get this to happen?

They also take fruits to school instead of the regular snacks we usually give our babies.
Then when they come home from school. I give them a smoothie or fruit too.
Asides yogurt maybe once a month, they drink water, smoothies, plant based milk and zobo, last two are home-based

There are a few keys that have worked for me to getting my kids to love fruits and the many ways they are incorporated into their lives would be

  1. Take away options
  2. Make alternatives easily accessible
  3. Make it delicious

There was a time I did ribena and co for them as snacks, and gave them fizzy drinks, but I had to make that transition into wholeness for them, after I learned just how both dangerous and useless these drinks are.

So, I took away options.

I stopped buying any other drink at home and would put zobo or water into their lunch box

I would later stop zobo because of the tendency to stain their uniforms and figured that for the 6 to 8 hours they were at school, water was fine, and we could do zobo and other healthy drinks at home.

Then I made the healthy options always available.

I could not just take away ribena and the likes without giving them something that’s just as sweet, but healthy. So I started to make sure zobo, a fruity sweet one, was always in the fridge for them when they asked for or needed a drink.

You can find my ZOBO recipe here, and feel free to add as many fruits as you want

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I also made tigernut milk, and of course, smoothies.

This step 2 is so key because when you take away the options, we have to have alternatives that are just as good or this won’t work.

Then the final step 3 was to make those alternatives as delicious as possible.
Oh, this is so key because Coke, Caprisone and Bobo are sweeeeeeet. Ice cream is sweeeeeet.

If your smoothie will compete, it has to be sweeeeeeeeeterrrrrrr.

So I started with super sweet and creamy recipes. My favorite recipe remains

Banana, Pineapple and Dates, which I call ‘Nice cream’.

Gosh this combo is a WINNER and would make any kid a believer.
Easy fruits, cheap and accessible too.

If you have a solid blender, you can blend them frozen, but even if you don’t, blend and refrigerate or freeze.

Banana, especially frozen, but also regular, is tha’ bomb when it comes to creamy smoothies

When blending, please don’t put too much water. In fact, I have learned to blend without water, or just a real little, by using the juiciest fruits first, e.g. pineapple. You start with that and it provides a good base for you to then add the banana, and then dates last.

If your dates are hard, be sure to ask first, then pit (that is remove the seed), and then blend.

To take things to the next level, you may wanna introduce POPSICLE MOULDS.

This smoothie combination in a Popsicle is literally ICE CREAM.

Please, it is key that you do not introduce your kids to smoothies that are green or not sweet. You can’t even start with a neutral fruit combo, like maybe Apple and watermelon.

You have to start on a high, so that they are impressed from the beginning and are open to it. You can start to modify later.

Another combo that works would be

Ripe sweet pawpaw, pineapple and apple

You could add some dates to sweeten, or give like that.

Ripe pawpaw is another fruit that makes smoothies creamy

If you are getting fancier and can afford to, this combo is also not just delicious but beautiful to behold

Strawberries, Dates, and Mango/Banana

Mangoes without the skin, is also great to make a smoothie creamy.

Strawberries, Pineapple and Apples is another winner.

If you are going to put in a Popsicle mould, you really need a creamy fruit and the top 3 for me would be

Banana, Ripe pawpaw, and Mangoes (skinned)

Also, use the juiciest fruit as starter so it provides the liquid base for the rest and you don’t need to add plenty water.

Also as you get more comfortable, feel free to try many more combos, just keep it sweet. Also play with colors, especially if you can afford it in Nigeria, or live abroad.

As the kids get more comfortable too, start to add cucumbers, carrots lettuce and the likes, but in small quantities first.

Ok, last tip from me.

I tend to keep watermelons away from smoothies, because

  1. It makes it too watery
  2. It doesn’t do much for taste.
    So watermelon is a fruit I tend to give whole. Ditto oranges

I prefer apples as juices, though they work super well in smoothies too.

Ok, so I hope these help.

If you are among the moms that argue that kids need sugar, especially as they play and burn it all up easily, then give them these healthy ‘nice cream’ combos.

Those drinks we stuff our kids with are not just unhealthy and dangerous, but are addictive and you are forming a really poor foundation for them, and even worse, leaving an unhealthy legacy for them, and remember, we need to TRAIN them up in the right way, so when they are older, they will stay on it.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6 NIV

Plus they are too expensive anyways, so let’s be better stewards of the finances God has blessed us with so we can not only save, but respond to opportunities to be what we call at #JesusGirlsFitness, BEAUTIFULLY GENEROUS

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Cheers to intentional ‘mommying’
With so much LOVE


4 thoughts on “Getting your kids to Lov’&Roc’ Smoothies (My fave recipes included)”

  1. thank you so much coach,and what you’ve said is 100%truth so instead of buying a bottle of soda for 150-200,I buy them an apple each or any fruit that is in season.
    the o my struggle now is church and party packs.
    my baby is sick as I type thanks to the juice(not juice,all sugar) they were given in church on sunday

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