Yay! Super excited to launch a new segment on the blog called “This week on CoachE”

Here we would be sharing on a weekly basis all the activities that went down in our squad groups, the gists, the transformation, beyond weight loss experience, just everything really!

Sounds exciting right? Let’s get into it!

This will be a post that comes up on Fridays and today being a Thursday though, I am bringing you gists from last week while this weeks activities will feature on friday!

Let’s get right into it!

Monday started on a high with some transformation pictures of Mrs Opalana, our squad mommy. Such epic and beautiful transformation that made me smile!

When her daughter who works for me told me she wanted to register her mom, I was like how would she cope in the squad. She assured she will as her mom has ginger and is extraaa… So true! I think that it has been 6 months now and look at her

See what her daughter said, CoachESquad ‘pon this beat!!!

Can you see what we did to her? We give your tailor work sha and we’re happy about it! Harpazo is such a winner.

My very amazing squaddies had also over the weekendchallenged themselves to a 10km walk

and everyone followed through beautiful, I am one proud Coach

I like what one of the squaddie said about the challenge

“This is my best so far, if not for the challenge, I wouldn’t have done this much….”

So good! I love their intentionality and how they support and encourage each other, It’s a very beautiful thing to watch. I have the best best squaddies and I am thankful for each and every one of them.

Let’s look at these beautiful transformation pictures that came in; 

Ain’t the difference clear? Ongoing harpazo?? #TransformationwithCoachE?

Bimpe with the sauce

She also shared her beyond weight loss experience with us this week. Read here

#BeyondWeightLoss… Bimpe shares her TRANSFORMATION experience with #JesusGirlsFitness

Can we take a look at these different weigh in pictures!!! Notice them kgs dropping? Itzz Haparzo!!!!

99.2 to 95.4 kg in 2 weeks!! 4kg down?? COME ON! Harpazo ???

79.6kg to 73.7kg… 7kg harpazoed ?????

79.9kg to 77.2kg, 2kg down in a week??.. Harpazo ???? #JesusGirlsFitness

So so good! Safe to that 2kg down per week is the standard!

You should join us. 

Do you know that with one-on-one coaching, you can CUSTOMIZE your weight loss experience in such away that you still get results? 

See this;

Me: Please can you do me a list of meals you’d like to have in your next nutrition plan?

Squaddie: Beans, bread, eba, egusi, banga, jollof rice, vegetable soup, chocolate cake….etc”

Me: I’ll work something out.

She won’t be getting ALL she stated but we can DEFINITELY customize her plans. That’s what you get One on One with CoachE’

We also had some review o clock with our preggos and nursing mom;

“I was looking like a hot mama up to the end of my pregnancy, I would recommend CoachE to anyone who is pregnant and wants to remain fit!”

Absolutely, that’s our goal!

Another review pleaseeeeee

“I joined the group in my 3rd trimester and I felt like I should have joined earlier, it’s been super helpful”

See why you need to join our preggo squad?

We help you rock your bump with discipline while our nursing mom squad helps you bounce back without stress.

We published 2 goody goody blog posts, read here:


#BeyondWeightLoss… Bimpe shares her TRANSFORMATION experience with #JesusGirlsFitness

And lastly we had this oh so good tagline moment, see what the squaddies said about us “This is the platform where we shred fat into pieces!

And believe me, there are no truer words!

Join us today to get raptured from fat

And if you need a quick detox? Gan-raveh to your rescue at very shikini payment.

CoachE’s Well-watered Garden.

Read more details about Gan-Raveh here

GAN-RAVEH… CoachE’s Well watered DETOX Garden

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