Make it LOUDER and SHINIER too haha

So, we finally rolled out a program that INCLUDES our men.

*insert happy song and dance*


Afterall, I have been saying that I only help women and wasn’t called to men, so why men now?

Well, I learned that one way to actually HELP the women, besides equipping her to help her children, is to HELP THE MEN IN HER LIFE!!!

Frankly speaking?

We are losing our men. Losing our men FAST to avoidable diet-related diseases, and I foresee this getting worse in the future if we do NOTHING about it…


Cos nobody is putting pressure on our men to get on this fitfam train…

We excuse their pot bellies as evidence of good living.

We hail men who move from regular to overweight and even obese after marriage that they have good wives taking care of them

We don’t call a man FAT or ask him to lose weight

God forbid a man hire a Coach or Nutritionist without a serious medical report

Men certainly think smoothies are for women and children. Ditto salads.

We heap our men’s plate with an obscene amount of food especially carbs with little or no vegetables and think we are feeding them good

A man that consumes alcohol like water is OK and normal, something we won’t let a woman do.

Medical check-up? Hey, how many men just carry themselves for that just because…

So now, thanks to all the above and MORE, our men are at risk

Do you know that almost worldwide, the life expectancy for a woman is MORE than that of the man?

In Nigeria, the latest WHO 2018 report, women live to be 55.7 while men are 54.7.

In the US, same data puts males at 76 but females at 81!!!


Recently, more women, especially wives have contacted me for Nutrition plans for their men as a result of diagnosed high cholesterol and more.

Shouldn’t we do SOMETHING and FAST too?

I have recorded, by God’s grace, INCREDIBLE success in my fight against fat with 100s, maybe 1000s of women.

Daily, I find women who thank me for the work we do.

We have also seen TESTIMONIES of health and healing restored, conception finally occurring and more from our female clients. We want to extend those testimonies to the men too.

For example, one thing people don’t know is that men have a BIOLOGICAL CLOCK too which ticks and a RUBBISH diet can lead to a RUBBISH quality of sperm/semen even from a young age when they should be most fertile.

Dear woman, we can no longer afford to leave the men OUT you know. This is time to HELP them, so let’s do this.

It could be your hubby, brother, colleague, fiancé, or even neighbour, but it has to be a HIS and HER, not only a man.

Even if the woman doesn’t need to lose weight, she can get other customised Nutrition plans for whatever goal she may have, and vice-versa. This Squad has to have a HIS and a HER lol.

So, what do you get when you sign up?

First, some good good education that makes sure this healthy living becomes a LIFESTYLE not just a 6week or 3month program. CoachE’ is a QUALIFIED Food&Fitness expert from various Academies around the world.

You also get nutrition plans and recipes, customised to both genders (a man needs to eat more as men naturally have a higher metabolic rate), gender-specific workouts as men need a different weight loss routine for it to be efficient!!!

If there is a diet related health condition like high cholesterol or diabetes, meals in our Nutrition plan are customised to take care of that.

Then how amazing will it be to do this with a partner/friend? You guys get to have FUN and results on the ride. Plus, an amazing qualified Coach with results to boot.


I cannot wait to help you kick fat and all the rubbish baggage it comes with as we BRING HEALTHY BACK.

Hit me with your questions if any, and then sign up by paying the required amount into

CoachE’Squad Ltd

If diaspora, please email or WhatsApp us for payment details.


Instalment payment available, where you pay HALF and complete it before half of your intended duration

Hey, CoachE’ is #BringingHealthyBack and we are bringing the men ALONG FOR THE RIDE!!!

Let’s do this TOGETHER

Health & Love,

CoachE’ for CoachE’Squad Ltd

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