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Allow yourself the THRILL of WANTING IT

My church, Daystar has a Saturday evening service, which we tag ‘Church unusual’.

Once a month, we like to do that service as a family, and this was the case last Friday.

Afterwards, we went out for dinner. The plan was mega chicken as I wanted to have their ‘Yamarita’ and egg sauce, but on the way, I was like ‘do we do ice cream and pizza instead at Coldstone?’

Hubby was indifferent. Either was fine by him so choice was mine.

Then I decided to just complete my no-dairy challenge for February and EXTEND gratification till next month instead, and then enjoy a good ice cream treat.

Preacher hat on.

Let me tell you something about life in general, and food in particular.

We MUST all learn the fine art and enjoy the thrill of delaying gratification.

Permit me to quote one of my fave Children and family expert, James Dobson

Whereas eating ordinarily offers one of life’s greatest pleasures, it loses its thrill when the appetite for food is satisfied…’

The broader principle is this ‘Pleasure occurs when an intense need is satisfied.
If there is NO NEED, there IS no pleasure.

Even though he was using this in the context of children, permit me to broaden as it applies.

If you never allow yourself to WANT something, you never enjoy the pleasure of RECEIVING it.

How unfortunate that when we indulge/satiate ourselves too easily, we lose the pleasure that actually comes from LONG FOR SOMETHING.

In other words, when things come too easy, too often, too soon to us, we miss out on one of life’s joy that comes from actually EATING.

Which is why as adults, we SHOULD plan our treats. Don’t just see it, want it, and have it.


I mean, can WE be self-disciplined for a WHOLE moment and say NO?

Can we say ‘Sorry, I am not allowed to have this now, so I’ll pass’ when offered cake and small chops from our colleague’s office party?

Or can we be mature enough to even accept it and then GIVE IT OUT!!!

Can we practice leanness even in our diet and lifestyle?

Hey, can we FAST? Just delay food gratification for hours?

Can we do an autophagy? That is at least 36hours of being without food so your body cells have the opportunity to self-destruct and build again?

Can we be well able to afford it, yet show some self-restraint, not even because of CoachE’ but just for some good ol’ self-respect?

Can we SCHEDULE treats more often than not?

I could have had that ice-cream really, and nothing for spoil BUT I also want to experience the greater thrill and pleasure that comes from telling myself that March 7, right after I am done with handling the Daystar Women of Destiny fitness event, I can enjoy that ice-cream, but not before?

Can we agree with Apostle Paul every once in a while and use the D word…

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should… 1 Cor 9 v 27a

Two words there are for adult #JesusGirls

Discipline and Training.

Something that we are fast losing in this permissive culture that misrepresents the term ‘judge not’.

Dear Jesus Girl, let’s do better. What a privilege we have as Moms today, to train our kids.

But if we are weak willed and lacking discipline, what values do we then pass on to our kids?

Like my fave Preacher #JesusGirl, Heather Lindsey says;

If we cannot defeat a bag of doughnuts(or chinchin, plantain chips, ice-cream, gala), how then did we expect to defeat the devil?

It is a good place to stop.

Cheers for training and discipline.

Eziaha (CoachE’)



The book I got this from is Dare to Discipline by James Dobson. He is the President of Focus on the Family and my plug for all things child rearing.


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